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    Noise from unvented hot water system

    Remove the flexible hose feeding the E.V. Hardpipe it can reduce it down to 15mm pipe its easier. Few years ago the ariston Classico used to come with a flexible hose it caused chaos in the end they stopped providing them. Installers subsequently Hardpiped them and the noises went away.
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    unvented cylinder advice/future proofing

    Your P. V solar array can be used to backfeed your immersion heaters in either a vented or unvented cylinder. The only thing is you will probably need to upgrade your immersion heater to a Incaloy version if you want to use it all the time as most immersion heaters are low quality backups.
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    DHW too hot in new shower

    The shower dial has been mounted in the wrong position. Normally a shower cartridge will have 3 rotations left to right. But the dial will only swing 3/4 of a turn. So it's imperitive you have cold and hot withing the swing. Too far one way and you get very hot and hot.
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    DIY solar collector heat output

    Are you running direct water through your panels? As there designed to work with a glycol mix
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    Not enough cement???

    I worked at Heathrow for ten years on the cargo. We used to do double shifts our last job would be job and knock. We would be rostered to work till 11 but go home at 7 every day I do get ****ed of with builders who think half day Fridays are the norm, when I normally do a 6 day week.
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    Mains or battery chainsaw

    The cheapo titan electric chainsaw is great from screwfix. Need to change the oreogan chains every now and then. I cleared some trees with 18" trunks. Had some 200mm x 200mm oak to. Cut longways so treated myself to a einhell petrol chainsaw with a bit more ommphh.
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    Most cost-effective way to patch render?

    Fills the cracks. Paint the whole thing with weathershield paint. Then address the leaking soilpipe and the slabs look too close to the wall depending on where the dpc level is.
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    Adding wall plate & joist hangers

    Just fill it with hard-core and screed floor with a dpm.
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    New trusses and raising wall plate

    50k so far
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    New trusses and raising wall plate

    I paid just under 5k for the scaffold.
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    New gable walls insulation question

    Forgot to mention we had tyvek stapled onto the face of the osb facing the cavity.
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    New gable walls insulation question

    Hi we have had our front and back gable built up. The nature of construction will be 20mm render/100mm concrete blocks/50mm airgap/13mm osb /4x2 studwork/80mm celotex 13mm osb x2/vapour barrier/plasterboard/skim Now I asked my bricky if he needed 50mm cavity batts, to which he said no. Just...
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    New trusses and raising wall plate

    Nice and dry in here
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    Bottom of joists drilled and taped up wagos

    Pretty much normal for most sparkies the drilling and notching. If theres a shortcut they will find it. I bet they left a nice neat pile of rubbish in centre of room as well.
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    Immersion tripping RCD

    Change the cable probably has a break. In the neutral
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    Gas Boiler Flue

    Fair play cutting the glass. Did very similar on a office building within a greenhouse. (is over 100 mtrs long the greenhouse) Funny thing was the building inspector made them fit gutters on the building otherwise wouldn't sign it off.
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    New trusses and raising wall plate

    Crane and delivery was here at 8am we had the truss lorry unloaded by 10am then had all trusses up by 1.30. Crane driver gave us a hand to place the first ten trusses by hand and he went about 3.30
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    New trusses and raising wall plate

    3.65 mtrs all in