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  1. ServiceNumpty

    Baxi 636 preheat

    Dripping Tap?
  2. ServiceNumpty

    Wet UFH - insulation advice

    Bought myself a £99 Toolstation breaker, and broke up 110m2 of 200mm concrete in my front garden. Took me 3 days. Yours may take the same amount of time as you would have to barrow the rubble to a skip.
  3. ServiceNumpty

    Vaillant boiler not connecting to Salus Thermostat

    The RT500RF have dipswitches in the receiver and transmitter, sometimes by changing the dipswitch settings and rebinding the units they will work. You need to download the instructions.
  4. ServiceNumpty

    Cold Rad, Hot Pipe

    Could be an airlock, with the pipes connected that way.
  5. ServiceNumpty

    Advice on DHW problem

    Should be a non return valve on the Hot Water Secondary Circulation circuit.
  6. ServiceNumpty

    Having a nightmare
  7. ServiceNumpty

    Mixed opinions regarding combis/large houses

    Greenstar Cdi Boilers like your should easily last 20 years.
  8. ServiceNumpty

    New boiler - poor flow - total noob question

    Doesn't the boiler show a no flow fault code, or overheat code.
  9. ServiceNumpty

    Boiler with no pump overun to one with

    System boiler has a tiny bypass, just to allow enough flow through the heat exchanger. I normally fit an additional autobypass before any 2 port zone valves anyway.
  10. ServiceNumpty

    Boiler with no pump overun to one with

    System Boiler or Conventional Boiler System boiler has pump and bypass built in. Conventional Boiler - Separate Pump and Separate Auto Bypass required.
  11. ServiceNumpty

    Worcester Bosch boiler – Remote control panel options?

    Ian, The boiler was fitted a couple of years ago, so it's either a Junior, I, SI, cdi (if combi) or RI (Heat Only) I (System). All will work with a wireless programmable stat (for the heating only), unless I've forgotten of a WB Boiler manufactured in the last 5 years that doesn't.:p
  12. ServiceNumpty

    Worcester Bosch boiler – Remote control panel options?

    Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat.
  13. ServiceNumpty

    What's next...

    Are you asking why your central heating isn't working? Programmer? Roomstat?
  14. ServiceNumpty

    Worcester boiler - strange leak

    Filling Loop is on the RHS, so where is the leak coming from.
  15. ServiceNumpty

    Central Heating Pipe Noise

    Is it pipework creaking. When you bleed the radiators do you get air or water out of the air vent.
  16. ServiceNumpty

    No hot water with new installed Alpha etec plus 33kw boiler unless CH is put on for at least 15mins!

    Got to ask, how did the installer commission the boiler properly if it kept going to E43 on hot water. What does the benchmark commissioning page say.Something doesn't ,make sense here. Particular the visit by the Alpha Tech and no paperwork.
  17. ServiceNumpty

    Adding a radiator at this tee - bad practice?

    Can't see for squiggly blue lines. Are there 2 pipes or just 1 pipe that loops back on itself.
  18. ServiceNumpty

    Wall plate elbow will not be flushed with tile - confused

    Repipe it from underneath, with a couple of street elbows, and you can pack it out 10/15mm.