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  1. chalkywhite

    Garden room on wonky slab

    Perhaps jack the room up slowly and sling beams under?
  2. chalkywhite

    Transfer pix from Mobile Phone to a PC

    Yes, connect phone to PC with regular charger USB cable, then when phone recognises connection choose the option to transfer files over USB, following which PC will then see phone as a folder, from which photos can be copied from DCIM folder
  3. chalkywhite

    Broken Screen replacement help - HP Pavillion

    I'd try ebay from a seller with a decent reputation or rating. Be wary of item location too, delivery could take a while from China
  4. chalkywhite

    Broken Screen replacement help - HP Pavillion

    Hi Dougie, this is a very similar model and the swap is same irrelevant of touchscreen Cheers
  5. chalkywhite

    Strange message - help please

    This used to cause blue screen crashes. Seems app doesn't like either browser or OS. Poorly coded app IMO.
  6. chalkywhite

    How best to clad this please?

    Hi there, the insulation board is slightly proud of the battens. It's a 20x6 shed. I could use wardrobe backing board to clad, any other suggestions please? Thanks
  7. chalkywhite

    Ubuntu Machine Advice

    I've always converted my old laptops incapable of running windows to Linux cinnamon, been great when all I need to do is run a browser
  8. chalkywhite

    Smart Meters - tapping in to log?

    I've just wondered how reliable they are as even before increased prices I'm pretty sure ours jumped as our meter was installed
  9. chalkywhite

    Win 10 updates - fail.
  10. chalkywhite

    Win 10 updates - fail.

    One suggestion might be to go into Add Remove programs and switch to features, then try removing an unwanted feature and see if that errors out, then try the updates again They are gigs in size, so can need device left connected to reliable Internet for many hours
  11. chalkywhite

    Terrible condensation in bathroom

    Sane problem here, wife likes bath lava hot and won't have window open ;-)
  12. chalkywhite

    Terrible condensation in bathroom

    Hi there, nothing worked until I bought Kair Anti-mould paint additive 50ml bottle. I've had two seasons now without mould regrowth and my ceiling actually drips with moisture. Our 60s house literally sweats, it's too well insulated. Upgraded the fan to one which stays on for 15 mins after...
  13. chalkywhite

    Shed base / floor - insulation and damp proofing?

    Facing same questions. Sounds like I leave the timber base as it is, then insulate between the joists right underneath the floorboards. Good idea to put DPC between floor joists and the timber frame.
  14. chalkywhite

    Insulating shed base

    Hi, I've just about finished up installing a timber shed base, and was about to insulate between the beams, however then realise the actual floor pieces will introduce a new air gap of their own. Should I only insulate the regular flooring base please? Thanks
  15. chalkywhite

    Sodding Plusnet and Thunderbird

    I get trouble with my old Yahoo-based accounts and found transitioning to Google accounts the way to go. I'm also surprised to see the word Thunderbird too, like Firefox I thought the two were dying a death. It's not easy moving email correspondence from one ISP to another, but in my situation...
  16. chalkywhite

    Windoes 11....

    If it ain't broke don't fix it. ;-) I recall moving to Win10 6 months after release, and had awful trouble at first, wishing I'd stayed on Win7 at time. Now Win10 is OK, so I'll stick for now, but consider later :)
  17. chalkywhite

    Chrome v. Firefox

    Agree, FF has got left behind. I'm now using Edge (Chromium) at work :O
  18. chalkywhite

    Chrome v. Firefox

    Ctrl+D to bookmark
  19. chalkywhite

    Touchpad dead

    How about safe mode, to see if other drivers are conflicting?
  20. chalkywhite

    The Halifax Hum, from BBC News

    I find it incredible , and no doubt seriously frustrating for the residents, that there is no clear source for the humming noise in Holmfield, Yorkshire which is disturbing people's lives. Is anyone expert with audio able to help them? I...