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    SPDs on commercial installations

    I’ve been asked to act as a consultant between the contractor and the client at a charity run community centre who are looking to replace their incoming mains distribution. The job comprises of installation of a new 250A TP&N Schneider panel board feeding submains to approximately nine...
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    Metal clad back box with square corners

    Hello all I’m trying to source a metal clad back box with square corners to mount a fire alarm call point on in a steel conduit installation. As you can see it looks a bit rubbish on a box with round corners, especially an MK box with the flanged lip. Something like this box with it’s...
  3. RF Lighting

    400w SON replacement

    I’ve got a commercial property which has a car park lit with 400w SON floodlights using a mixture of white and orange lamps. They have asked me about replacing the existing lights with LED fittings to reduce energy usage and maintenance. The customer is happy for all the new lighting to be...
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    Immersion heater blank

    Hello I have an RM stainless hot water cylinder installed in 2013. The immersion heater brass blanking plug has corroded through and started to leak. I measured the plug and it’s about 2 1/4” across and saw that Screwfix do a 2 1/4” blank plug, but it is too big for my cylinder. here’s a...
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    Unusual item

    I was snooping around in our main LV switchroom today and spotted this: We have a 2kA per phase supply fed in to our panel board from an 11kV sub at the other side of the wall in the picture (to which we don’t have access) The cable from the break glass unit disappears through the wall into...
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    Oversized blank plate

    This is a bit of an unusual one! I have a flush mounted back box - the type which is used for a 6 or 8 gang grid switch. I’m looking for a blank plate to fit this box. I’m hoping to make a custom plate from a blank plate to accommodate some audio connectors, so a grid plate full of blank...
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    Full page popup adverts

    Today I have experienced full page popup adverts whilst using the site. This has happened occasionally when clicking a link and is happening on both my iPhone and my MacBook Here's a screenshot: Is anyone else experiencing this or is it an issue at my end?
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    Fire stopping gas pipe

    We’ve had the plumbers in our building and they’ve left some holes in the walls which need fire stopping. The walls are about 400mm thick single skin stonework. Here are some pictures of one of the walls. The gas pipe runs through the wall in a steel sleeve and has some gaps around it...
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    Trunking inlet plate

    We are about to have some new aluminium windows installed. These windows will be fitted with two electric openers per window This is the sort of opener. There will be two motors operating a single window. There will be a YT2 plastic trunking running left to right on the horizontal transom...
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    DIY Electrics in Ireland

    *Off topic content split from a different thread You made a statement saying that DIY electrics is illegal in Ireland. This is incorrect.
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    Is a hot tub governed by section 702?

    I had a call today from a colleague regarding the installation of a supply to a new hot tub. It is an external tub sat on a flagged piece of land in the garden. In your opinion, does this fall within the remit of section 702 “swimming pools and other basins” I can’t see any wording which...
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    LED dimming

    Does anyone have experience of dimming LED? I’m currently working to specify equipment for a job. The client wishes to have approximately 36x recessed 600x600 LED tiles installed into a suspended ceiling grid divided over 3 circuits. Due to the varied use of the space the lights need to be...
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    Exit sign

    I’ve got an emergency light to replace, but I’m unsure as to which direction I should fit the arrow to point at. The current convention in this building is an up arrow above a through door. To use this fire exit, you must take three steps up, go through the door onto the external fire escape...
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    LAP flood lights This was installed using the correct shape and size of flex. Utter junk.
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    Library call out

    Had a call out to a library today. They said the kitchen light has stopped working and just buzzes when they turn it on. It’s a 125W 8 foot fitting installed in 1973 Sorry it’s not a great video but it was dark!
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    What a strange coincidence

    I’ve just been browsing the Screwfix forum and noticed something. Now I’m sure it’s just a funny coincidence and definitely not the same person. ————————————————————...
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    Can I / should I go to hospital?

    I think I may have broken my thumb whilst working today. Normally in the old days I’d have popped along to the minor injuries unit at my local hospital to have it checked over. They’ve always been really great there on the few occasions I’ve visited. Given the current situation, am I still...
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    Farm electrics

    On site carrying out some other work when the farmer says if you get a minute can you have a look at the socket in the grain store. It’s stopped working. I said yep no problem at all. Here’s what I found: 2.5mm² cable from the socket. Joined in connectors to a 1.0mm² cable I followed...
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    Mercury contactor

    I spotted one of these out in the wild today. Still in service and working perfectly switching a bank of night storage heaters. Don’t see very many of them these days.
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    New boiler, best system?

    Unfortunately my parents have finally let grittish bass get into their heads and have been scared into wanting a new boiler installing at their house. They currently have a 36 year old glow worm space saver MKII boiler which has never missed a beat apart from an occasional replacement...