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  1. The-brickie

    Want to annoy the kids?

    This should do it Direct link to the Teenage buzzer that us old codgers can't hear, enjoy!
  2. The-brickie


    The double glazing company has gone into receivership as has the sister company Bowater and I suppose Stay Brite. I havent seen this in any trade mags yet but an account friend has told me today.
  3. The-brickie

    Key 'Bumping'

    Just a bit of market research, your help would appreciated. Do you know what it is? Are you worried about it? Would you pay someone to have you 'at risk' locks modified and guaranteed against attack? Thanks
  4. The-brickie

    Airlock in cooling system of vauxhall combo

    Its getting me down, cant get it out, anyone know how to bleed the system, its the Isuzu 1700 diesel engine.