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  1. zorgan

    Anyone good with "electronics" here? didn't notice a sub-forum

    anyone good with Class D amplification? I have an active speaker here, it powers on ok, i must had overdriven it as it did get a bit hot at a gig one evening, anyone know what the most likely part of it to fail would be if it's overdriven?
  2. zorgan

    Wall Mounting a TV fixture advice

    I have plasterboard wall here, i've determined that it's 600mm across from the left (which is the main outer wall with the window in my bedroom) I have painted a sheet of MDF to size and plan to screw it to the wall and bought silver screw cups for cosmetic purposes, I plan to put a screw...
  3. zorgan

    Socket without earth?

    Just an inquiry, a friend of mine posted this up on Facebook, noticed there isn't any earth? any reason to this and it should have, right?
  4. zorgan

    Easiest way to sort this?

    as you an see by the image, the socket and the wall with tiles has cracked. just thinking what the best way is to do, If the tiles are to come off (both of them) then the plasterboard may come with it too? what do you think? replace the plasterboard at the back AND the two tiles? then sit the...
  5. zorgan

    Cant find anywhere bathroom beech flooring vinyl strips

    Hi, Not sure exactly where the original strips came from, we have a light wood effect (beech) bathroom beech flooring vinyl strips, with strong adhesive on them, stuck down on the bathroom, they are getting a little old looking and the Mrs with her high heels has damaged one. I was...
  6. zorgan

    Problem transition laminate flooring between rooms

    Attached an image have uneven floorboards underneath and causing slight movement when walking from the hallway into the main living area, I have placed down this transitional laminate flooring strip - it came lose because of the movement, so I decided to pilot three holes, not realising the...
  7. zorgan

    Mixing Desk Problem By watching the video I demonstrate the issue, the DSP effects seem to have static coming through also not powering up (it did used to light up a little but now seems not to be lighting up at all)
  8. zorgan

    floodlight in garden

    I have a 500w floodlight I'm wanting to install in the garden (Halogen Bulb), which type of flex should I be using for longevity etc and safety for this? I'm looking to purchase some from eBay around 5 meters worth? any suggestions please would be appreciated. thanks.
  9. zorgan

    internal wires and boxes on wall

    can anyone please advise which kit I can purchase to make this less of a clutter and mess? so far I have perhaps thought it may be a good idea to move the main telephone socket all together, as this location is on the left soon as you walk into the livingroom. it's unsightly with first of...
  10. zorgan

    What is the easiest way to test a capacitor

    Are there any dedicated/specialised meters which can test capacitors on the market?
  11. zorgan

    Vibrating Sound From Water Heater Thought I best show a video of the problem, sometimes it happens not every time but when I use the water sometimes this happens, vibrating the floor and walls, really loud! is it something I could possibly repair myself...
  12. zorgan

    Looking to purchase a Soldering Station

    Hi, I`m looking to purchase a soldering station maybe from flee-bay, noticed there are some ranged around my budget of £70-£100 can anyone experienced here recommend any particular station, I`m just scared I get some cheap Chinese rip off model because i`m not familiar with the specs etc I...
  13. zorgan

    Samsung LE40R88BDX/XEU Power Issue

    Model - LE40R88BDX/XEU Version SP02 at first I thought it may be the caps which is a common fault on some Samsung LE40 range, the fault was not progressive and have visually inspected the caps which are not swollen, so `im thinking it may not be an issue with the caps. usually in my...
  14. zorgan

    Electromagnetic interference through speakers unsure how I can sort this out, thought i would post it on these forums if anyone would be qualified enough to offer advice?
  15. zorgan

    Strange blinking of light bulb after switching off Strange this one, I click the switch off but the lightbulb blinks 1st blink is around 21 secs in the video I have replaced the bulb but it still does it?
  16. zorgan

    intelisense alarm issue

    My brother and I currently have an issue with this alarm system, The Brand is Intelisense I have attached pictures of the setup When we power on the unit, we have "tamper lighting up" and "zone 3 lighting up" constantly, with the alarm sounding. we have tried the default engineer...
  17. zorgan

    Turps stain/patch on velvet style wallpaper

    I have cleaned a little gloss from wallpaper it has now soaked into it a little leaving a patch, happened yesterday but the patch is still there, any advice how to clean it out? or should I attempt to remove the strip of wallpaper and place a fresh piece in it`s place? would prefer to try...
  18. zorgan

    White Spirit on Laminate Flooring

    Removing Gloss from Laminate flooring, I have heard white spirit is a bad idea to use on Laminate is this true?
  19. zorgan

    Washing Machine Draining Into Sink this is the problem i have I have already used 1 LTR of sulphuric acid to try to unblock any drainage pipes down the line. Normal drainage seems okay but when the washing machine drains, you can see it is coming up into...
  20. zorgan

    Cooker Hood Wiring Question

    I have a question regarding possible setups in my kitchen can i run a 2.5mm cable from the cooker control switch to a 3A fused spur for the cooker hood? I do have the option to take it from an old feed around 3 meters away (was a extracter fan there previously) (i`m going to have to run...