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    Good tiling books?

    I have just tiled a kitchen for a customer, mainly because his tiler let him down and he wanted the job doing before Christmas...... Now I'll admit that I'm hardly the world's greatest tiler, but I actually found the job quite enjoyable and a bit of a change from the "day job" (joinery/furniture...
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    Wahing Machine Flood Alleviation?

    Has anyone here come across what the Americans refer to as a Washing Machine Overflow Pan? These are installed beneath a washing machine and plumbed in to the drain so that in the event of a washing machine flood the water goes down the drain and not under your shiny new laminate kitchen floor...
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    Aluminium corrosion

    Anyone got any experience of dealing with corrosion on a coach-bulit aluminium body? We have a van with an all alloy body, unfortunately it has spent much of its life in a salt spray environment and there are signs of bubbling around the rivet heads, underneath the paintwork. I want to clean...