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  1. kingandy2nd

    25% cash back at B&Q

    Hi folks, Black Friday offer via Topcashback is 25% cash back at B&Q today. Thought it might be of interest to some here. Cheers Andy
  2. kingandy2nd

    Picture upload not possible (from Iphone)

    Using my iPhone and trying to upload photos, but it says “the upload failed because the file could not be written to the server. The site administrator will need to resolve this before any files can be uploaded”. Anyone else got this problem?
  3. kingandy2nd

    Any solar experts or folks that have solar installed on here?

    My local council has arranged a tendering process for solar panels and batteries for interested folks with a view to getting some bulk buying discounts. I’m skeptical that such schemes actually save much, but I really don’t know. Here’s my quote, £7.2k for 12 panels installed, and a further...
  4. kingandy2nd

    Crystal ball time - building supplies price predictions?

    Hey folks, I appreciate there's lots of different factors at play here (supply, demand, inflation, etc) and that there's variability between individual products, but I'm interested to hear folks thoughts/experiences when it comes to the price of building supplies and their predictions for the...
  5. kingandy2nd

    Running utilities to an outbuilding

    Morning Guys, I'm looking to have power and water in my new detached garage, and I'm just trying to get my head around the best way to do it. In respect of water, I believe the best way is to T-off the blue plastic supply line to the house and bury the pipe more that 750mm deep. However that...
  6. kingandy2nd

    Who can design a suitable raft foundation

    Hey folks, Sorry if this is a daft question, but can an SE design a raft foundation for me? If not, who should I be looking for? Googling raft foundation design or raft foundation designer seems to just bring up how to do it rather than who can do it. I’m going to be building a detached...
  7. kingandy2nd

    Recommend me a wheelbarrow - 2 wheels or 1?

    What do you guys use for your wheel barrows? I’ve killed two of these ‘heavy’ duty ones now: I was looking at a proper wheelbarrow site for the heavy duty ones, and seems like a lot have 2...
  8. kingandy2nd

    Buried manhole cover full of dirt. Should I ignore it?

    Prepping for the new drive I’ve uncovered a manhole that must have been covers for at least 20 years. Popped the lid off and it’s full of sand. We don’t have any issues with the drains. I guess it was surplus when the built the estate. My plan is to ignore it and crack on unless anyone...
  9. kingandy2nd

    Soakaways and minimum distances

    Hey all, My driveway project is about to start. The original driveway drained into the rainwater sewer, but I will be enlarging the driveway. There doesn’t seem to be a definitive guide online for minimum distances for soakaways, but what I’ve gleaned is: - Minimum 5m from the property /...
  10. kingandy2nd

    Running lines for curved walls / edging

    Hi all, I’m planning on laying a block paving drive soon, and then a garden wall. Both require curved walls / edging, but how do you mark out with sting line for the curves. I’ve done a bit of reading and I’ve seen this example using lots of strings/measurements Is that kind of thing the...
  11. kingandy2nd

    Finally deported some taxpayer scrounges to Rwanda

    Prince Charles and Camilla arrive in Rwanda for Commonwealth meeting :D
  12. kingandy2nd

    Garageplans .co. uk - anyone used this service?

    I want to build a double garage in my back garden. It's going to be 3.8m tall, 2m from the boundary and have an internal footprint of 5.5m x 5.75m. Therefore I don't need planning (as not a conservation area) but it just goes over the 30m2 for building regs, which I don't mind. (There is...
  13. kingandy2nd

    Changes to Part L

    Saw another post about the regs changing mid June (for applications) with then a year for work to start. Given the cost of insulation at the moment, is it worth accelerating a BC application to get it in before the deadline to benefit from a cheaper build? I’m thinking a PD 6 x 4m single...
  14. kingandy2nd

    Weird Ad

    War is the word we all FERA??
  15. kingandy2nd

    Man beats council on appeal for house paint colour in conservation area.

    Watford conservation area house allowed to remain lilac
  16. kingandy2nd

    Moving an empty skip on your own

    Just an information thread rather than a question! Skip folks came and replaced my skip but left the new one in the middle of the driveway - I'd asked for it to be put on the grass as I wanted to use the drive for our car. After a bit of googling only I had found out that an empty skip weighs...
  17. kingandy2nd

    Saving the trees...

    I've got a row of mature conifer trees in the back garden. In December's strong winds, two of the trees have started to lean at strange angles. Earlier in the year I'd changed the fence posts and concrete that had butted up to the bottom of these trees. I didn't cut any roots, but the trees...
  18. kingandy2nd

    Car ferry to (Northern) Ireland - anyone done it? (Also prices)

    I'm think of taking the other half to Northern Ireland at the end of March to see the Giant's Causeway. Thought I'd take the car ferry from Liverpool to Belfast as a bit of a road trip, but looking at the prices it's north of £380 to go on a Friday night and back Sunday morning :eek: or £550 if...
  19. kingandy2nd

    New year’s resolutions?

    What’s yours going to be? Mine is to sell all the stuff I keep meaning to put on eBay/gumtree but never actually get around to actually selling.
  20. kingandy2nd

    Sorting out bumps in plasterboard (due to joist hangers behind)

    Hey guys, Where I have heavy duty joist hangers in my flat roof, the plasterboard around it has a slight bulge to it. I feel it’s too much to even out with plaster. How can I resolve this? Notch a bit out of the back of the plasterboard to accommodate the hanger, or just rasp the top to...