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    Pricing/Charges etc

    Agile/Tony replied to one of my posts in regards to pricing of a job, and i felt it would be an interesting topic to discuss on its own. Now £135 may seem high to some but you have to consider several points. Firstly the job may be 10 mins, 20 mins etc but no plumber will charge by the...
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    Shower flow

    Hi Have a question, was hoping one of the experts may be able to help. One of my customers has an eletric shower which was installed about a year back. The shower flow does not seem to be "steady" if that makes sense. Its almost as if the shower is "pulsing" as the water comes out. I've...
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    best tool for hinge cuts/locks etc

    Hi all Whats the best power tool to use to make the slots for hinges and holes for latches, locks etc? I had a carpenter work on my house about 2 years ago and I noticed he was using some kind of power tool, think it may have been a router but not sure. However the work was done very...
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    Ferroli Boiler Pressure drops to 0

    Hi all, got a bit of a query which I cannot figure out and has left me completely stumped. A good mate called me out to have a look at his Ferroli boiler, as the pressure on the guage keeps dropping to zero every few days. It was only fitted about 9 months ago. I've checked all rads, no...
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    Elec oven and cooker hood connected with plugs

    Hi I was hoping i could get some advice. I've been asked to move a kitchen from upstairs to downstairs as the property was a shop but the new owner wants to turn it into a standard house. Now the job seemed straightforward, i would do the plumbing and carpentry and get an electrician in to...
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    basin water mixer michanisms

    Hi all I've had a customer who wants me to fit a two tap mixer onto his basin. I've had a look around and these are very rare, the few that do exist are very expensive. However i was working on a house a while back where they had two standard taps on the basin, but below the basin, the...
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    procedures for laying porcelin tiles?

    apart from using different adhesive, is there any other things you need to be aware of when laying porcelin tiles as opposed to laying ceramic tiles?
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    Best way to advertise plumbing services?

    Do any of the professional plumbers here have a website? Is it worth doing one? Or are leaflets through letter boxes and newspaper adds a better idea? I've rarely seen plumbing leafelets come through the door so not sure if this is an avenue worth pursuing.
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    3 additional rad quote

    Hi, someone has asked me to install 3 rads, they current have 4 rads installed. they want 3 rads downstairs, and i'm looking at installing about 16meteres of pipework, they want 15mm. what would be a reasonable quote for this kind of work?
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    City & Guilds NVQ 6189-11 Level 2 Plumbing & heating

    Hi I need to do this before i can get onto the gas safe course at a local college. Does anyone know what the practical tasks are that they assess you on, on-site? Ive searched online but cannot find much in depth info on this. Reason i ask is there are a couple of plumbers i know who i...
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    1 week plastering/skimming courses

    Are the 1 week plastering/skimming courses any good and are they worth doing? A training centre near me is charging 350 for a weeks course. Are they worth doing or is it a waste of money?
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    Customers cancelling jobs etc

    How often do you guys have to deal with customers who cancel jobs on the last minute? Reason i ask is i was supposed to have started a bathroom job recently but customer has decided to change their mind, after getting me to chose bathroom suit for them, tiles, adhesive etc. This is the 2nd...
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    Old radiator pipes not warming up

    Went to a property where they had a radiator removed a few years ago. The isolation valves + thermostatic valve are still on the pipes and have been shut. However the pipes leading upto the valves are cold, even when the radiators are turned on. I've followed the pipes all the way upto the...
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    Quote Opinion

    cheap old 3 peice suite taken out, replaced with new BnQ suit, bath, toilet basin. Straighforward swap. Plus 10sq mtr of tiling onto old tiles, 2 walls only as two walls have decorative panelling. Quoted £600. Tenant accepted. Is this too low or a reasonable price considering this...
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    tiling on tile - what adhesive?

    I'm goingnto be tiling onto tiles which are well fitted, sound and secure and the homeowner does not want them removed. However never done this before and wouldnt usually recommend it. But as they are insisting doing it this way, can someone recommend a tile adhesive suitable for tiling onto tile?
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    Gas Safe training centres

    Is it worth investing in a course at these local training centres for gas safe? Or would i be better of working alongside an experienced tradesman?
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    Hot water very slow after Rad flush

    Hi all I flushed out the rads the other day on mates system and he says since then the hot water is running at a very slow rate. I turned off the boiler when i drained down the system. Turned it back on. There was no water from the hot water taps for a few seconds, but then it appeared to...
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    Unable to bleed radiators

    Hi guys I'm trying to flush out a friends central heating system however i am unable to bleed any off the radiators. The bleed valves will not open. I've bought 3 bleed keys and neither seems to be able to get the valves open. The keys simply turn and dont grip the valve. Its proven very...
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    Pricing Thread

    Hi all Can someone please advise on reasonable prices for tiling work in the midlands area? What is the going rate per meter squared? There seems to be a lot of confusion and disagreement on rates from some on the plumbing forums.
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    plumbing quote reasonable? £320

    I've been asked to install a towall radiator and tile 5 square metres of a small bathrooms walls. I have quoted £320. Is this reasonable, cheap or expensive for the west midlands?