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  1. HawkEye244

    Cleaning inside a bath - green stain

    Hi all, I'd like to do a favour for a friend by cleaning the inside of this bath. I'm not sure what or why this discolouration is happening. Any thoughts welcome.
  2. HawkEye244

    Do Howdens cut worktop to size ?

    Hi all, I'm sorry to ask this on the forum but being Sunday Howdens is closed.. I'm eyeing up a section of worktop. The minimum size lengths of worktop that they sell are 3 metre lengths, but I forgot to ask whether they can cut them to size upon request.. Question is : do they ? Failing...
  3. HawkEye244

    Replacing freestanding gas oven with separate hob/cooker

    Hi all, For illustrative purposes I have drawn a diagram here: I am installing a new electric oven to my mum's kitchen as she has a very old freestanding gas oven which has reached the end of it's life and she wants something more modern. I want to make sure I am getting the wiring correct...
  4. HawkEye244

    Sharpening multitool blades

    Hello, There are some excellent tutorials on the subject of blade sharpening : However, what if your blades are so blunt that there is no gullet ? Some of my old and very mistreated multi tool blades are so blunt that there is nothing left of the teeth, and I cannot make enough of a key in...
  5. HawkEye244

    Planning permission for wood burning stove or DIY

    Hello all, I'm contemplating making an opening into the fireplace in one of my bedrooms at the lowest point in the house and intend to fit a 5k log burner in anticipation that the heat will rise through the house. I will have the chimney swept plus a smoke test. And will find out if its first...
  6. HawkEye244

    Fitting back carpet - question

    I've taken up the carpet in two rooms and would like to fit it back. I have a hammer and bolster and a Stanley knife. How would I go about this without buying specialist tools for the job ?
  7. HawkEye244

    Can radiator brackets be rethreaded?

    So being a little overzealous I over screwed one of the four radiator brackets while fitting it back on the wall. The radiator brackets are nothing fancy. They are made of plastic. I was curious to know whether I could re-thread it but what would I use to do this and would it work being...
  8. HawkEye244

    Colour matching kitchen worktop colour

    Hi all, Does anyone have a relatively foolproof and ingenious way of colour matching existing kitchen worktop ? I'm doing a job where the worktop on one side of the room wants extending but the person purchased the kitchen over 10 years ago. Is there a smart way to get a match without...
  9. HawkEye244

    Double pipe clips for rad tails - what to buy ?

    Hi all, is there a product out there that can clip two 15mm rad tails together but be adjustable as not all rads have tails that are the same distance from the wall? Many thanks
  10. HawkEye244

    Are hose clips needed when draining c/h system ?

    Just want to know whether it's necessary to use hoseclips when connecting the hose to the drain valve of the central heating, or whether the hose when pushed on will create a dripless connection? Many thanks
  11. HawkEye244

    Extending incoming telephone cable + virgin media cable question in wall

    Hi all (pictures describe this better than I can) I would like to relocate both the incoming virgin media cable and the telephone cable a foot to the right because I want to fit a radiator here instead. The question is what is the proper way of extending both the virgin media cable and...
  12. HawkEye244

    Replacing bigger for smaller rad - design question

    I want to replace a large rad in a lounge with a smaller rad in a new location which I want to be under the window. The window only allows for a smaller rad to be fitted due it is being an alcove (a flat alcove, not curved). By making this alteration I'm gaining from being able to nestle the...
  13. HawkEye244

    Insulating between floor joists - is this not worth doing ?

    When in doubt ask. Is there any benefit to insulating between internal floors joists ? Besides some small benefit that may be gained from reducing sound it seems like a lot of work for not much benefit ?
  14. HawkEye244

    Does it look wrong to not tile one wall of the bathroom?

    Haha. So the reason for this is that one of the walls is running parallel to a joist. And I was thinking it may be better to leave that wall untiled. So three walls would be tiled leaving the other with white paint. Is this a design no-no or more personal preference ? Many thanks
  15. HawkEye244

    Extending a length of 2.5mm cable - what are the regs ?

    Hi all, I have some short lengths of 2.5mm and I'm adding a double socket in ring to my lounge. It would be nice to use the cable I have already have which would require connecting two shorter lengths together. I was thinking a standard terminal strip with insulation tape, or is there something...
  16. HawkEye244

    Block wall take down - best technique ?

    Hi all, I'm taking down a cement block built shed. Fortunately only the outside was rendered. I've chipped away at most of the render which was a really horrible job; really defacing most of the blocks on that side. However, on the other side they still look pretty good. Good enough to use on...
  17. HawkEye244

    Boundary wall issue - neighbours garden overgrown

    Hi all, A friend of mine is having trouble with a property he owns and lives in which is a terraced property next door to a housing association owned and managed property. I was helping him clear an overhanging buddleia to his garden the other day and we noticed cracks in the boundary wall...
  18. HawkEye244

    Changes to council fees for waste disposal

    I heard about this news the other day. It appears as though local authorities will be banned from charging for the disposal of non-statutory waste. Here is the link : I've found this reported...
  19. HawkEye244

    Gate build question

    Hi all, I would like to have a gate installed to my driveway. Due to limited space I would like it to run on a track that opens and closes around the perimeter of the side walls. Who should I go to for quotes ? I've fired out a few emails to companies but have not had much in the way of...
  20. HawkEye244

    Tap connector solution

    Hi all, I would like to fit this service valve to this tap tail as that is what is already in situ. I realise that the tap tail adaptor would be suitable here but the tap tail adapters commonly sold only have thread on one end. Are there adaptors with threads on both ends that would be suitable...