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    Drain cover in middle of bathroom floor

    Ummm keep it easily accessible. Check my post at top of page. I needed access to my sewer as I had a little furry decker problem. It looks like a simple fix. What you can't see is the £3000 oak floor I had to chop to access it. Nowt like hindsight.
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    How to cap off old soak away in sewer

    Long story short, I have an old soak away connection in a manhole in my extension. It was not capped n the extension was done and now rats have used it to nest :evil: The other unused openings have green plugs in them, where can I get one to cover the unwanted opening?
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    TRV4 Crackling as it closes.

    I think you'll find it's actually the radiator flexing a little as the valve shuts, hence no change with 2 different rads. Annoying but not a fault as such. You could try moving the valve to the opposite end of the rad and see if that helps matters.
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    wiring a thermostat

    Dont forget loft insulation. And you really don't want a warmfront installation. :lol:
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    ferrolli modena 102 boiler fault

    Iirc the board needs to be set up when fitted and as this involves setting gas pressures, you'll need to get a qualifed person in.
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    Yet another 'Alpha CB28 not working correctly' conundrum.

    :D Pleased to hear its sorted and you're happy. Sounds like you gave the engineer biscuits as well as coffee if he did more than just the single fault.
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    Yet another 'Alpha CB28 not working correctly' conundrum.

    Nice one. Wouldn't want to see anyone come a cropper.
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    Yet another 'Alpha CB28 not working correctly' conundrum.

    Like we have said, leave it. We've got nothing to gain by telling you to get someone in. The combustion cover (death box) on that is easy to get wrong if you aren't aware, seen it wrong plenty of times. The flue (death tube) is something you do not want to mess with at all. It wont...
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    combi-boiler or multipoint gas heater?

    Easier to get the WB or Vaillant worked on though. Either are more than capable but the WB hangs on my wall.
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    Yet another 'Alpha CB28 not working correctly' conundrum.

    stooooop!!!!! do yourself a favour and turn it off. call someone qualified BEFORE you turn it back on.
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    pumping over . any clues

    start with the simple stuff boys. :D Ive only seen 2 failed coils in 15 years, but many balll cocks.
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    pumping over . any clues

    probably just the ball cock on the header tank if its doing it whilst nothings on. its just worse during operatiojn because of the natural expansion.
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    Bad gurgling from flue - Keston 28s

    best to turn that off sharpish!!!! check your condense waste and check that its not blocked, but get the fitter back, today.
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    Salt block water Softeners, worth it or waste of money?

    Check the servicing requirement for the softeners. I had a customer who went for a year with no/poor hot water because she had such poor water flow throug her combi that it wouldn't fire. We only found her blocked and overflowing softener because an engineer was being nosy whilst on the phone to...
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    Can I perform a straight swap of Honeywell HCW80 for CMT927?

    Dan, opinions on Drayton aside, you can get Drayton receivers and transmitters separately, surely Honeywell do the same? As for being carp, mine is now 4 years old with no issues, my previous was 10 when I moved and was fine also. The only issues I've been having with them are some of the...
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    water treatment

    Just be sure to avoid the 'plastic' bodied filters.
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    Can I perform a straight swap of Honeywell HCW80 for CMT927?

    You ll need to replace both the transmitter and receiver. Why not fit a Drayton digitstat ?
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    Radiators heating when only hot water selected

    Yes. FYI the bgmvsp valve is an ACL mid position valve rebranded by British gas, so you ask for the ACL valve at the merchants. There are others available but you'll need to replace the head as well if you do that.