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  1. chalkywhite

    Two-way radio ask

    Hi, now I work in the shed at top of garden, I'd like a 2-way radio that I can talk to family , e.g. "where's my tea?" :D seriously, they're all useless using their mobiles (often on silent), so I'm wondering about a 2-way radio to raise them. There are three available from Argos up to £30...
  2. chalkywhite

    Recommended monitor replacement please

    I currently use two 22" LG FHD TV screens for work from home, and want to improve screen clarity, plus connect my home PC for gaming for the kids. The work laptop, a Latitude 5300, won't run 4k as I understand it, so can anyone recommend a screen that could serve as a good twin screen...
  3. chalkywhite

    How best to clad this please?

    Hi there, the insulation board is slightly proud of the battens. It's a 20x6 shed. I could use wardrobe backing board to clad, any other suggestions please? Thanks
  4. chalkywhite

    Insulating shed base

    Hi, I've just about finished up installing a timber shed base, and was about to insulate between the beams, however then realise the actual floor pieces will introduce a new air gap of their own. Should I only insulate the regular flooring base please? Thanks
  5. chalkywhite

    The Halifax Hum, from BBC News

    I find it incredible , and no doubt seriously frustrating for the residents, that there is no clear source for the humming noise in Holmfield, Yorkshire which is disturbing people's lives. Is anyone expert with audio able to help them? I...
  6. chalkywhite

    Temporarily remove arris rail fence section

    Hi, I'd like to temporarily remove the section of fencing to the right of this photo to be able to wheel in an old caravan. Is this a DIY job, or would a carpenter be recommended please? Thank you
  7. chalkywhite

    Caravan chassis rust

    Hi all, considering buying an older caravan to turn into a hobby room at end of garden. Anyone with caravan experience know how old caravans tend to get before their chassis disintegrates please? Thank you
  8. chalkywhite

    Ammonia dog deterrent on grass

    My front lawn always looks bad due to dogs peeing on it, particularly close to the pavement. Is there a deterrent like ammonia that I can use which won't hurt the grass, but will deter dogs please?
  9. chalkywhite

    SLR camera batteries

    Hi all,the original Nikon battery for my D80 will no longer charge, and the mickey mouse replacement lasts about 5 mins. Are genuine batteries costing £50 the way to go, or do some get on OK with certain copycat batteries please? Ta
  10. chalkywhite

    Getting woken up at night

    Hey, I'm a light sleeper and live in a quiet area. Most nights vans will bump over a speed hump near front of house accelerate away and wake me up. Anyone have any ideas please that help maintain sleep? Earbuds keep falling out. Beer works, but sadly I can't drink every night ;-) Thanks very much.
  11. chalkywhite

    Repair veneered vanity unit

    Hi there, I'm pretty good with woodwork, but struggling to think of a good fix for this unit where all that's wrong is the veneer coming off the bottom of the top drawer front. Any suggestions please on a fix? The veneered panel is screwed to the drawer carcass so easily removed or replaced...
  12. chalkywhite

    Conventional boiler temperature control

    Hi, my Greenstar Ri boiler has a dial temp range of between 35 and 82C. I appreciate that the higher temps use more gas but get rooms up to temp quicker and more heat is retained in rads for longer. Why then, would I ever want to reduce it? Currently set to around three quarters of max dial...
  13. chalkywhite

    Replacing wooden retaining wall without spending £7k :O

    Hi, a very well respected tradesperson visited today and quoted £7k (inc VAT) to replace sleeper retaining walls (pics attached) which help terrace a large part of our garden, with a blockwork solution that i could paint, render or clad. I appreciate that it's a lot of labour and a ton of...
  14. chalkywhite

    Render crack

    Hi, we have a render crack across front wall of our house at the level of the first floor window sill, probably caused as they smashed replacement windows in 20 years ago. I've had an eye-watering quote with what looks like "proper job" process.... "Cut channel along wall either side of the...
  15. chalkywhite

    Replacing CPU but blank screen

    Hi, upgrading my PC CPU to an i5-3470s that the manufacturer says will work with the mobo Followed all YouTube advice about how to seat the CPU, correct pressure on the clip, and adding a line of thermal paste. Boot machine...
  16. chalkywhite

    Insulating an inflatable hot tub

    Hi all, can't find a thread for "insulation", so here goes..... My family would like to erect our Bestway Monaco semi-rigid "hot" tub, given the great daytime weather right now. My concern is that overnight the temp drops to 10 or lower, so the heater might be going all night, like a kettle...
  17. chalkywhite

    Insulating a shed

    Hi, I'm considering buying a garden room/big shed to work from home, I don't plan to use it mid-Winter, but don't want it to get damp inside either. Should I I insulate roof, walls and floor, or part of please? Cheers, Tony
  18. chalkywhite

    Splice PoE cable

    Hi, connectors on our CCTV were not as sealed as I hoped, and the Ethernet terminals have rusted. I'm trying to spkice the cables together, but on realising that this is a power over Ethernet (PoE) system, just wondering whether I can splice either of the two red and two black cables together...
  19. chalkywhite

    Greenhouse recommendation

    Hi, we'd like to get a polycarbonate/aluminum greenhouse, but wonder which brands are built the best, especially the base, which we'd like to perhaps postcrete into soil? Looks like most of the polytunnels split or perish over time, e.g. shelterlogic Thanks
  20. chalkywhite

    Terrible condensation in bathroom

    Hi, each Winter in particular the ceiling in our bathroom gets terribly wet, dripping, and yet we've not had this at other houses we've owned. Several years ago we fitted an extractor to try to limit it, but per the attached photo, it's still very bad. It's really only the ceiling above the...