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  1. Leccy758

    Indesit WIXXE167 grrrrr

    I got an indesit WIXXE167 that shows F08 fault during the spin part of the wash. Disconnected the heater and fitted a lamp to check and see what happened, it went onto heat cycle (Lamp lit), finished then added 10 mins and tried to heat again (lamp lit). then continues with wash showing no...
  2. Leccy758

    Indesit WIXXE167

    Had a prob with this machine numerous error codes and never completing a cycle (mostly showing F08 fault) at around 3/4 through cycle. New PCB ordered and arrived Fitted it to be met with a User interface that no buttons except the on/off and the start/pause buttons work on. When you...
  3. Leccy758

    Hotpoint Built in Dishwasher

    Hotpoint LFT114 The appliance fills with water and heats but the wash pump is not pumping water through the spray arms properly (a teeny amount dribbles out of the holes) The pump makes a very loud noise (sort of rattling) machine is 18 months old so not too impressed Is this a duff...
  4. Leccy758

    AEG Condenser Dryer

    AEG T55800 Condensing Dryer PNC 916 012 035 /00 When switched on it runs for a couple of revolutions then stops and just sits there with the lights on. It does not matter what programme is selected timed or sensor dry. Water tank float is showing continuous circuit, pump not running...