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    How to connect Phones and Alarms when BT phone service changes to Digital Voice

    After implementation of Digital Voice, how to make all phones and alarms on other sockets work again. After BT's implimentation of Digital Voice my BT connected phones and alarm no longer works. Following is my solution to reconnect them to the 'phone' output of my router. What you need...
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    What adhesive to re-attach shower door to metal hinge

    Shower door is glass and is attached to hinge with adhesive. Adhesive has failed and needs replacing. (Old adhesive has been removed). Not that adhesive is not taking weight of door, door weight is designed to drop onto hinge in small area. Adhesive keeps hinge next to glass and weight of...
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    Have a 100mA RCD, How can I improve to 30mA (and do I need to)

    In my Garage I noticed that my Merlin Gerin Consumer unit has a 100mA RCCB protecting the MCBs circuits. EDIT: This CU has its own independent supply, straight from DNO/mains, with its own meter, and no prior RCD. Ignore the labels for large machines, these have all long gone, and the three...
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    Recommend Black Paint for Cast Iron

    I have a cast iron pedestrian/garden gate that needs painting. It is real cast iron (not steel or wrought iron). Normally for cast iron I leave it to form a patina of surface rust. Or apply layers of "Black Stove Polish & Grate Polish" But with gate I want it to be black, and protected...
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    How to transport a 4.2m long, 30cm by 30cm roller garage door?

    I am considering buying a second hand Steel Roller garage door off ebay. Issue is that it is 4.2m long. The good thing is that with it being a roller door its cross section is quite small (say 30cm by 30cm) How would you transport a 4.2m long, 30cm by 30cm garage door? I think that a long...
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    Radiator has bowed ion middle by 1cm towards the wall

    I have a Kudox radiator bough from screwfix that I fitted 8 years ago. It is a Type 11 and about 120cm long. Last week, when the top panel popped off, I noticed that it is now curved towards the wall by about 1cm! For my own interest, has anyone seen a radiator do this, and is there any...
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    Speaker cables next to T&E cable in wall

    Can someone please remind me, is there a rule on separation dustance of mains and speaker cables in wall? Thanks sfk
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    OSB upside down

    Just laid new floor using OSB sheets. Had 6 sheets of OSB delivered. Cut to size and Screwed them all down. On very last sheet, I turned it over (did not do this to any of the others as I took off pile) and for first time saw writing saying "THIS SIDE UP"! So all my sheets are upside down...
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    Smoking Dishwasher Door Lock - replacement spade terminals

    All, After helping someone else on this forum with a MicroSwitch on their oven, it seems it is now my turn to need help. My Dishwasher started smoking from the door lock. I isolated it and took it apart and found that the dual-Block-Spade Connector (?Molex?) had burnt. My assumption is that a...
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    All, I have an outside office (call it a shed) with okay insulation (basically a 2" cube of Kingspan that covers walls, floors and ceilings). When I use it I heat it with an 750W heater on a timer and thermostat and I am satisfied with that (it is warm enough even in winter). It needs a new...
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    Where to get non-return / Check Valve Insert (3/4" 20mm)

    All, For my thermostatic Bath taps I cannot find anyone supplying non-return / Check Valve inserts with o-ring and with an outer diameter of 3/4" / 20mm. It is the same thing that goes into the back of a bar shower, but has a larger outer diameter. I need a new one as the plastic has failed on...
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    Difference between Merlin Gerin MCB “C60HB” and “C60H” and should they all be the same.

    All, I have a Merlin Gerin distribution board in my garage. Some 12 years ago I believe that the distribution board was set up as three phase as the then owner of my house had a small tool shop in the 5m x 10m garage. And I believe 10 years ago the three phase was reduced to one phase and 6...
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    Hot Water Getting Cooler over last two weeks - Worcester R25 R30 HE

    All, I have a Worcester Greenstar R25 R30 HE Combi Boiler. It has always worked fine, serviced, but over the last few weeks the Hot Water from the Taps is getting cooler. It is still warm, but not hot enough for showers or even shaving. I am not wanting to replace it fro a new one yet, as in...
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    Bay Window - What to use to protect stone from weather

    All, I have a Bay Window that seems to made from a Soft (sand?) stone. This stone on the outside surface seems to have a layer of fine mortar covering it. This mortar hides most of the small joints between the stone blocks. In places this layer of fine mortar is cracked and slightly...
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    Slate Faux Marble fireplace - What Paint and Varnish?

    This is my new project to renovate my Victorian Slate Faux Marble fireplace. But I need some assistance with regards with what paint to use. As background this is a fireplace made from lengths of slate. The Victorians then painted it with a "Faux Marble" effect to make it look like a marble...
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    Foundation thickness for freestanding garden wall pier

    All, I want a free standing pier that is 2 bricks wide by 2 bricks deep (ie 18inches by 18inches), And will be about 4 feet tall topped with a flat pier cap. What thickness do I need the concrete foundations to be to support this? With thanks, sfk
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    Wood Wall Plate or Concrete Wall Plate

    Dear All, In my 1900's house, I have three Joists (2" by 7") that support the hallway floor. The ends of the Joists sit on a wood wall plate that is directly below the font door. At some point there has been water ingress at the door. The end of one of the Joists is now rotten, and so is...
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    Raise Garage Roof by 9 inches

    Dear All, My issue is that my Garage Ceiling is too low at just over 6feet (I keep hitting my head on the lights). Hence I wish to Raise the roof by say 9 to 12 inches. I know that I could take off the roof, add a brick layer and then put roof back on. But it is a big roof and expensive...
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    Raise Bedroom Floor by 20cm / 9inches

    Hi, I have a bedroom which you have to step down into (by one step) as you enter it. It has a standard wooden joist floor with floorboards. As this is the only room on the first floor that is one step lower than the rest of the rooms and hall, I would like to raise its floor level. The...