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    Unrealistic wish list for driveway cameras?

    A brief search of offerings online at likes of Amazon or Screwfix make me think my desired spec is missing something obvious as I can't find an obvious purchase. I would like: -Outdoor cameras, mains powered- I can route power cables to them easily. -Sending data over wi-fi - To a central...
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    4 concrete slabs. 25 years old. Tile straight over joins??

    We have a utility area. Concrete slab poured in 4 sections. Two small rooms (larder and WC) with boundary at threshold onto the hallway section which itself is 2 strips about 2 m X 0.6 m. Given shonky build of the whole thing I strongly suspect there's no dpc nor bar in the slabs. Was about to...
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    Should 3 pole isolation switch be marked at all?

    Sparky fitted one above bathroom doorway. Wife couldn't reach so replaced it with pull cord version. Now wanting to reuse the old switch for same job on another WC fan. But noticed it has no markings at all on the outer face. Not a red patch, or on/ off. Why is that?
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    Fan into WC. Vent(s?) into larder. High/low position?

    I have a small WC and larder as part of a shonky lean-to inherited extension. In larder is washing machine. Not ideal I know...larder is a bit moist! Both doors are ledge and brace with big gaps at bottom. With kitchen door and back door shut you can think of the WC and larder as sealed off, but...
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    Cheap panelling/board options for rough wc walls?

    We have a little toilet built into a rough lean to on the rear of our house. The render is really old and bubbled/cracked in places. It needs walls that are fairly uniform and able to take some paint. I would rather attempt cement render than skimming plaster but wonder if there are some...
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    'Read' a warped rafter end? Cut/drill to relieve?

    I have finished a basic lean to shelter. One of the rafters bent as it dried before putting polycarbonate sheets on so I had to remove the fixings and set it off it's original position. I tried to bend (fight) it before bracing it. But it still wants to be twisting. The fascia is the only...
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    Outdoor ducting material for kitchen extractor?

    Kitchen extractor comes out under/into lean to shelter. Straight into 'clothes drying zone'. Solution is to extend the ducting up and along the wall to the side of the lean-to roof and out through the feather edge siding.. In winter it's visibly laden with steam/moisture Won't the ducting...
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    Combi flue / plume water ... Is it corrosive?

    Not meaning the small 1" white pipe that runs from combi out into the gulley, but the water that drips from the flue exhaust..... Is it pure? Or acidic... Reason being I had a plume kit fitted and am wondering if the water that drips off is going to affect the polycarbonate roof that the plume...
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    Do I remove the render here before leadwork ? Pic..

    Ignore lower line. I cut the first chase a bit low and badly. .. When I dress/beat the lead drop down over the pebble dash, won't it end up looking like woodchip paper - all stippled from stones in the wall? I haven't found an example of anyone doing this anywhere? The drop always looks flat...
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    Lockdown alternative for lead patination oil?

    Everything is shut. Need to move project on.. don't want to skip oiling the lead. Any ideas on next best thing.... please? Leaving aside some of the past bizarre posts on what to 'apply'....
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    How to cut a clean, even 'chase' for lead flashing

    Newbie... Apron flashing to polycarbonate roof lean to. Wall is rough cast render. I set a shortish peice (mistake#1) of wood as a height guide onto ledger board and used a 5" diamond blade to cut a line. Worked not bad. Then cut about 8mm off guide board and repeated to make hopefully a...
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    How does leadseal do the job of mortar?

    Putting an apron flashing into a roughcast rendered brick wall. Cutting blind into the render. So the chase 15mm wide 25mm deep, may be mid brick or hit the mortar bed, or a bit of both Whichever I finish with I will use hall clips to hold the lead in place. If I use Leadseal and the chase...
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    Oscillating cutter multitool broken, warning, questions.

    Love my Makita TX3000TM14 corded multitool. Old style with Alan key to fix blades to the head Just for DIY, fair amount of it though. One of those tools that you never use unless you can't use anything else and when you do it's a real lifesaver. So mine just started to slip - the head...
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    How low can the durgo go? What could go wrong?

    Planned to work out some leadwork voodoo to get this soil pipe through the polycarbonate roof... Then remembered durgo valves! But, must be 200mm above highest point of water exit. Which is sink overflow? (One bathroom, no tank in loft.) 1. What if I can squeeze a external durgo on top and...
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    Lead apron dimensions head twister can you solve it?

    Thanks for looking... Some things I struggle with more than others... I have been using a ruler and drawing lines to scale to work this out in real world.. lots of wasted paper! 6m roll of lead. Total span to cover 5.24m Rules: 1. Overlaps > 0.1m 2. Spans < 1.5m 3. Spans look even. 4...
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    Anyone recommend a good flex for new circular saw ?

    Just bought a new circ'saw with short :evil: flex. Pretty stiff and shiny plastic. Can anyone help spec the flex that I should be looking for. Thinking about 3.5m (if that will fit into the case) of a quality rubber flex? From where and what to look for? Thanks!
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    Polycarbonate Lean to. Opal v's Clear Pro's and Cons please?

    Given that its a lean to closed at one end (with fence side gate and shiplap above), the amount of light and the heat are not issues between opal and clear. Neighbours on other side of the road will be looking at it from their kitchen window, and on approach to the house from the West you see...
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    240v worm drive saws in UK

    I want one.... Fed up of leaning over my sidewinder. Port perfectly placed for face full of dust. My crappy parkside doesn't have visible marks on the front edge to reference the cut line. Wish it would die so I can get a new one! Worm drive looks soooo much more easy to use. All the cut...
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    Buy more glazing bars or use wider sheets and more buttons? First attempt..

    Can I hold the whole of the outside edges of a 10mm polycarbonate roof down with buttons? Spend less, and reach over wide sheets to fix it all together? If you have a glass of malt and a Havana :rolleyes: you can get stuck in to details... Question is whether reaching over a 2m panel to...
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    What does the drop (on apron flashing) actually do? 240mm roll. 12x5.5 pitch polycarb roof?

    Hi folks, Building a polycarbonate covered lean to that will get some harsh weather over the years- getting lashed right now... I have a roll of lead 240mm deep (6 m long). The pitch is 12x5.5 inch which I thought was pretty steep so thought I would not need so much on the overlap...then I...