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    How to cap off old soak away in sewer

    Long story short, I have an old soak away connection in a manhole in my extension. It was not capped n the extension was done and now rats have used it to nest :evil: The other unused openings have green plugs in them, where can I get one to cover the unwanted opening?
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    undermount kitchen sink mounting issue

    can any plumbers/kitchen fitters please advise me before I lose my **** at my kitchen installer!!! I had a quartz worktop installed with a Franke undermount sink a few years ago and it has just detatched from the worktop and is now held up by the waste pipe. I''ve done a quick 'google' and...
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    Advice on repairing 'fist' sized whole in plasterboard.

    :oops: :oops: as above really. The whole is roughly 6 inches across and unfortunatey crossed a seam between 2 sheets of board. now ive repaired intentional holes before, but in those situations have cut a hole and retained the board that was removed. in this cae there is none. do i have...
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    neff combination oven B6774n0gb03 noisy fan identification.

    I have a fault with the above microwave oven. when it is on, in either microwave or oven mode, it makes a terrible rattling noise. I have removed the glass cover on the oven ceiling (where the noise appears have it source) and have discovered that when the oven is on, that the diffuser/impellor...
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    replacing picket fence questions

    hi, my front picket fence blew down due to high winds and worms and soil for fence posts. :lol: im gonna do this with a fried, i have some common sense but not sure on materials to use. ill be using preade picket sections, cut to fit, but am not sure weather to use posts set in concrete or...
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    non tongue and groove on concrete

    hi, newbie here. were in teh middle of refurbishing our house 1900's ish victorian with 80's extension and need a bit of advice with flooring downstairs. ive searched aplenty but cant seem to get a definitive answer. i would like to fit wooden planks onto an existing concrete floor. ive...