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    switch to a timer for night lights

    I stay in an apartment and the lights in the courtyard are run off a light switch in my apartment. The lights are not infr red activated so i want to change the light switch to a socket which the lights can then be activated by a timer, is that ok ?
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    Garage door paint

    Using an external metal gloss paint to paint a garage door, existing colour is a burgundy and the colour to put on is a deep olive green. I know it would take a few coats to get this on but is there an issue if i use a green emulsion as a base coat ?
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    Bit of damp or old plaster

    Hi I got a bit of discolouring in one of the bedrooms halfway up the wall. These are very old houses and i dont know if this is caused by old plaster or what. There looks nothing obvious outside, do i need to get someone to look at this or paint over it ?
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    Damp but from where

    Hi I have attached some photos of an issue that seems to be getting worse. You will see that underneath the coving in the lounge there is a damp patch, this has been getting worse over the past 5 months, coincided around same time as had windows changed. We have a porch fitted and the damp area...
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    Water pressure with combi boiler

    I got a rental flat where the tenant is saying that the pressure coming out of the shower head is too much for her and is quite painful for her as she has a joint condition. I think i have 2 options to assist, 1 is to change the shower head for a bigger one so there is less pressure or reduce...
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    Boiler drain.

    My boiler line travels behind my cupboards and go into the waste pipe from the sink. There is some sort of check valve in the line which where it terminates into the waste pipe is 40mm. An elbow in that line is leaking slightly, is there a compound i could run around the joint to seal it?
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    Changing a tap

    I got to change out a leaking tap, it is a mixer type in a bathroom sink. I have attached a picture of the underside, does a new tap come with everything new, ie the 2 long bolts, plate which is guess secures the tap in place ?, whats a good make of tap.
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    Minimum door frame size

    I am looking at fitting another door in my hallway, i am trying to match the oak doors i have and can only get one in a 32" width, 35mm thick. I have a width of 36 5/8", what would be a minimum size for a door frame, ideally i would use a 3"PSE which would be 2 3/4" planed, if i could get a 30"...
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    Moving 3 gang light switch

    I have a 3 gang light switch in my hallway, it operates the downstairs hall light, the upstairs hall light and the outside light. I am going to fit another internal door in the hall ready for the winter, neighbour did it and did seem to help retain the heat.My neighbours 3 gang switch is at the...
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    Laying carpet

    I have a finished bedroom for my grandson but i have ordered a 2m x 2m section of childrens play carpet with a road layout on it. I will lay it on the existing carpet but wondering what to secure it down with, i guess some form of double sided tape but is there tape that would damage the carpet...
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    I have removed the old paper from the walls, do i need to do anything to the wall, wash it down, re-size it before putting new paper on ?
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    Which UPVC windows

    I have 4 quotes for 6 new windows c/w top / side opener and 1 new front door c/w side panel and a composite door, price range is £2700 - £4800. The frames are Liniar, Rehau, Synseal legend 70, the Liniar come completely made with glass and handles etc, the Synseal is put together locally as is...
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    Mains water isolation

    I live in old victorian property, can't seem to find isolation valve anywhere. I looked at the mains isolation and i noticed there is no handle on the valve so hardly something to to turn off quickly. There is also a blue item next to it, not sure what that is, have put a picture.
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    Changing mains smoke detectors

    I got some mains powered smoke detectors which i need to change out, are the heads interchangeable with most base units ?
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    Installing an electric shower

    I have been asked if i can get an electric shower fitted in a relatives place, currently they have a mixer tap to the bath and a diverter valve to the shower, hot water is fed from the combi boiler. If i get an electric shower fitted for them, what is involved ?, i think for quite an elderly...
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    Hive or Tado

    Looking for a SMART thermostat, not wanting it to grow into zone management system, just something me and the wife can control the CH and HW from the App. Was set for the Nest but a few people on FB page saying CH coming on when not there etc etc, not really wanting something that learns my...
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    Ceiling pendant holders

    Got to change out 2 BC ceiling pendant holders in a living room. In other rooms i have used E27 Corn bulbs which i have been very happy with and would like to use again. Is it possible to get E27 pendant holders in the UK, i see their are BC to E27 converters that slot into the BC pendant but...
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    Wiring light switch

    Going to change out old yellow light sockets. The existing 1 gang switch has common terminal at top, this has cable with grey sleeve on it, below this are L1 and L2 terminals. The new crabtree one i have has L1 at top, L2 at bottom where L1 was b4 and L3. The crabtree diagram shows yellow or...
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    Painting gloss with a roller

    I painted a door with white gloss paint and with a small foam roller, i noticed while doing it that the process seemed to put a lot of small bubbles into the paintwork, whats the best roller to use for glossing a door
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    Painting plywood fire door

    I have painted 2 plywood fire doors, i gave them 1 coat of emulsion and then 2 coats of gloss but still do not look right, can still see dark shades from the plywood, i should have given a few more coats of emulsion until all white but never mind, lesson learnt. What to do from here though...