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  1. xMrIS

    terracotta to plastic airbricks

    Hi, Suspended floor needs replacement due to woodworm infestation, on the quote I got they mention , one of the work will be "replacement the original terracotta air bricks with high efficiency plastic ventilation" - this because of "lack of ventilation to the sub floor". Of course I will...
  2. xMrIS

    help with floorboards

    Hi, I am trying to find help on what can I do , home is a 1930s semi, the dimensions of the broken floorboard is 121mm x 21mm approx. , issue is as see on the local online shops they don't have this kind, to be more precise the floorboards that are on my house -at least at the living room- are...
  3. xMrIS

    question MR11 to MR16

    Hi, For the most of you this may sound silly, but I m really scratching my head about this: I have 10 MR11 (halogen 20w each) but ordered -online- by mistake MR16 LEDs (4.5w each) another problem is that I can't reach the transformer - so no idea what is the wattage of it, but I assume its...
  4. xMrIS

    boiler loses pressure and water leak..

    hi, Boiler (about 1yo, replacement of a backboiler) lost pressure (zero) few days ago, (zero day) I checked around the pipes of the rads and even the overflow pipe no sign of water leak. I re-pressurised it and all ok for one day. Then next day (day-1): water leak on the kitchen's floor...
  5. xMrIS

    upvc handle screw bolts does not fit.

    Hi, I m trying to replace old (worn) pvc handles, current handles connected via 4.80mm (approximately diameter , vernier caliper shows around 4.77 so I assume is 4.80) new one's comes with 5.80mm , I assumed were "standard" so I did not check the specs (were no specs at all about the screw...
  6. xMrIS

    what kind of brick is this

    hi, gas installer had friggin time to open a hole on side wall fir new boiler's flue. Semi-detached home , built about 1935, cavity wall as usual, i am just curious and amazed how hard was to cut through this brick, pic
  7. xMrIS

    upvc soffit/fascia/guttering replacement

    Hi guys, I recently noticed that some of the gutters need to re-aligned, also pieces of wood comming down of them. I called a roofer to get a quotation , the guy told me its £2500 to replace soffit/fascia/guttering with new ones. (semi-detached/3bed house) He told me current are too old (UPVC...
  8. xMrIS

    remove tap handle

    Hi, Any help please how to remove a stubborn tap cover? I removed the small screw but there is no way to remove the cover, I tried to push it out, even used a hammer but it looks like is screwed on the brass valve...
  9. xMrIS

    PVC door misaligned top

    Hello, First time poster here, its just a couple of weeks that I moved to new home. Its only recently that I noticed (during the installation of a window blind) that the kitchen's external PVC door is misaligned on the top. Is it possible to be fixed by adjusting the hinges...