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    Electric gates remote opening system

    Morning, the electric gates we have inherited when we moved in to our home are only opened and closed via the fobs. This works fine if we are at home for us but friends need to phone our mobiles so we can open up and that’s only good if we are at home. Been told that a SIM card can be added...
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    Help to identify this garage door opener please

    We have just moved home and I would like some help to identify the garage door opener. I’ve had a good look but can’t see any information. Now hopefully someone will be able to offer some info.
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    Can a Hive replace these heating and hot water controls?

    Good evening, We have just moved and the house has two controllers for the heating system. The boiler is a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30CDI. - Old but appears in good order with service history. The controllers / Program are: Drayton lifestyle and a Salus RT500 If possible I would like to have a...
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    GRP Doors

    We need a new external back door. Had a look on line and had a read about GRP doors and would welcome the views on what to look for and what to avoid. Any recommendations would be appreciated . peter
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    What circular saw blade for cutting laminate flooring

    I will need to cut a trap in already fitted laminate flooring. Can I ask what circular saw blade should I use. Will only be doing this once so I like to keep the blade cost to a minimum if possible. Thanks, Pete
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    What is the name of this ridge tile

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    I need to replace the asbestos corrugated...

    The roof on the Marley garage is asbestos and needs to be replaced. Is there a roof system that I can order that replaces these old asbestos roof sheets? Any info would be much appreciated Pete
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    VAX Blade 2

    We have the above hover. 10 months in and the brush head failed. It’s belt driven and when I had a look, the gears bearing was worn meaning it got hot and made a horrible noise. Call to VAX, and a new head sent free. I said the hover was not being used incorrectly and it appeared that this...
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    10w Floodlight with pir IP65 rated

    I’m looking for a small floodlight recommendation. Needs to be ip65 as it will live on a sidewall and be exposed to our weather. pete
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    Bosch washing machine Classixx7

    Our machine trips the house breaker not the mcb. Have checked the plug and cable, both good. I read that most of this type of trip is the Interference capacitor or the heating element having an earth fault that trips the breaker. I will check the heating element but does anyone know if it's at...
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    New Doulton Pan

    Morning all. I'm looking for a replacement pan, white, fluted, low level, close coupled pan made by Doulton, to replace a damaged one. I've had a look on the internet but without any luck so far. Pete
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    1997 new build

    We are looking at a bungalow built in 1997, south of England. Has solid, concrete floors and I would appreciate any information as to the flooring insulation regulations back then, if any! I'm wondering if this type of floor, back then, had to be insulated as a requirement of being a new build...
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    Hive Active Heating-50% off

    Please don't shoot the messenger .
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    Silicone recommendations

    small water leak from the pan connector, so I'm looking for recommendations please. I will stop using this toilet and as best, dry the area before before applying the recommend silicon . Any other tips are most welcome. Pete
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    Old Switchmaster control, no hot water off so..

    I'm thinking of having Hive fitted and before I place the order, I'm trying to find out if hive could be fitted as the Switchmaster sm400 appears not to have "Hot water off". This I think is needed for hive to be able to control the hot water cylinder . Mine is a Y plan Profile boiler balanced...
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    Will Hive fit a old Switchmaster 400 back plate

    Any pointers for a change over to Hive. My boiler is a Profile, the system is a Y plan. If it's not a straight forward change, what are the wiring mods needed? Thanks for any info. Pete
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    Heated Loo seat

    A bit of a straw-poll to see if people have fitted or have been asked to fit this type. Stayed at a hotel with this type of seat and it got me thinking. It was very easy to get to like it and could see, once used, that having one would be nice. This seat had a remote control for the functions...
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    Removed old cork tiles from wall

    Son first home and he has removed cork tiles from hall wall. Now needs to plaster but requires advice as to how best to do it. The impact old adhesive is still there and I expect it needs to be removed or covered over. Any info as to the best way to get back to a nice, clean, smooth wall...
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    Ring wifi doorbell

    Ive just fitted the above smart doorbell. I would like to pass on an installation tip for others as I was messed about trying to get it to connect to my home wifi. If during the set-up installation ( I was using my iPad ) and you find it fails to find its own ID in wifi settings, then do as I...
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    "Safe an sound" doors

    Any info, any at all, such as a good or recommend make, pro/cons. We have seen a house that will have heavy safe an sound doors and that's why I'm asking for as much info or where to find it. Would like some feed back from people who have fitted or can say if this type of door is the door to...