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    Hotpoint integrated oven tripping fuse

    Hi, wondering if anyone can shed some light on this problem? I have a hotpoint electric oven, single, model SY56X The oven packed in last week when missus decided to clean the inside, convinced she damaged the element, as afterwards it started tripping the fuse box! I replaced the element and...
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    Baxi Brazilia Slimline 8S high setting not working?

    Hi Just wondering of anyone can help, I have a workshop that has two Baxi Slimline 8S gas heaters installed One of the heaters will not work on the medium or high setting, only low. The other heater is working fine, as the building is isolated from my property, I isolated the gas supply and...
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    FENSA regulations?

    Hi all, not posted here for a long time but in need of some advice that i'm struggling to find online I have a property that I am now renting out, which used to be my main residence I had a gas safe engineer out today to carry out a gas safety certificate, he has found that the bathroom window...
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    Sir Anthony Caro

    Died recently, now I have never heard of him, but this comment from BBC? Am I the only one who thinks his work could be done by anyone, I mean its not great :?
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    The lift that never stops

    Just seen this clip on youtube of a lift that never stops....with no doors :shock: How the hell did that pass health and safety, for reasons too many to mention!!
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    Back Seat Drivers!

    brings a new meaning to the term 'back seat driver' :lol: :lol:
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    A Levels too easy?

    Just been having a debate with a mate who's daughter got A*s this week. I said that I thought they where too easy and should be made more difficult, the national pass rate is 98%. He thinks they should be left alone. So who is right? are they too easy and dont seperate the really bright...
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    Arthroscopy Of The Knee

    Has anybody here had an arthroscopy of the knee? Been to see my consultant this morning and he wants to operate next week. I was just wondering what the recovery time is like, eg driving, walking etc etc?
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    Keeping Koi

    I keep and occasionally breed Koi Started out as a small time hobby, now costs a small fortune!
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    1971 Coinage Act

    Was just reading an article in my local paper, where a young woman tried to use a bag of copper coins to pay for her petrol, after her RBS card failed. The garage refused to accept the payment under the 1971 coinage act! I did not know that it was illegal to pay for something valued at more...
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    Sleeve Bolt or Anchor Bolt

    Any advice on what type of bolt would be best to use in my case? I am erecting a pergola over my koi pond and attaching 4x4 posts to the corners of the pond wall, using post shoes. The wall is concrete blocks laid on side, topped with a very hard dense type concrete coping. I cant...
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    Boxing fans Klitschko v Chisora

    Anyone interested in watching the fight live, Sky 456 are showing it free because of a technical error on the subscription service worth it if anyone wants to see Klitchsko knock Chisora out :lol:
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    Whitney Houston Dead

    News that Whitney Houston has been found dead at 48 :shock:
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    A Levels?

    Just watching on the news some students getting their A Level results. Am I wrong in thinking that its now become a joke, and so easy to pass? all these students looked so excited and shocked to have passed and got the reults they want. A levels now have a pass rate of 97.8%. They are...
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    Junction box

    Could someone let me know if I got this right :lol: I want to add an external socket to the garden, I have 4 lights that are wired in along 2 fences, the lights are wired with what looks similar to armour cable/heavy duty cable. The lights have been installed by a pro and are installed...
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    Train services cancelled because of the hot weather!

    Leaves on the track, ice and snow on the track...... Now they cant run properly because its too warm :shock:
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    Right or wrong to be sacked

    Do you think this is the right, or wrong decision? Just been reading about the man who dressed as a snail taking part in the London Marathon. He was hoping to raise £100k but only managed £20k....a decent amount. I think its a disgrace, he is always fund raising and has raised over £5m...
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    Koi owners beware......thieving barstewards!!!!

    If anyone has any Koi in the North West area beware! I had 4 Koi stolen last night, must have been very late on as I was still awake at 3am! Would love to get my hands on the thieving gits!
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    Measuring for a UPVC back door?

    Looking for a guide on measuring for a new external back door The outside brickwork is narrower than the inside brickwork for door replacement? Do I just measure the outside brickwork, then get the interior masked? Its for my sister who is looking to get her door replaced and shes just...
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    Replacing 2 roof tiles?

    Just after some information really, I have lost 2 roof tiles due to some strong winds not long back. I have finally found someone who has the exact tiles I need, they are Tuileries De Beauvais red roof tiles with the diamond centre. Now is it possible for me to do this job myself, is there...