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    Fire regulations Loft conversion and extension

    I have a 3 bed detached property with a loft conversion. The loft was added in 2001. I vaguely remember being told that we couldn’t add a ground floor extension under the Velux loft window that was, in effect, a fire escape window. This was due to the need for ladder access by the fire brigade...
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    Drayton Wiser controller fires boiler when turned on-Cant turn boiler off

    My system is an unvented S plan with a trusty Potterton Profile 50e boiler I have a Drayton 722 controller at present so the Wiser Controller is a like for like swap. But as soon as I turn the controller on the boiler fires up and the radiators get hot. There are no lights in the CH or even the...
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    Hot Water Firing Boiler yet Timer is OFF

    I've got my excellent local plumber coming round asap but I was interested in any solutions you guys might suggest. This is a very intermittent error as its been 2 weeks since it last did it then stopped. My guy changed the HW 2 port valve in October when the fault was fairly solid. It seemed...
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    Sika or Easy Joint and pressure washing patio

    I’ve always been a traditionalist and use cement and sand grout on my normally lasts well but I’ve decided to rake it out and replace. I could go with the usual damp sand and cement mix but I tried some Sika All weather grout on a small corner patio. Easy to use and it looks great...
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    Self Tapping Screw Size

    Im getting myself confused by screw sizes. I have fitted a new element to my oven but the old screws holding the cover in place are corroded. They appear to be flanged screws with a torn head. Approx 12mm long and thread diameter is 6mm. So short and fat. I just can't find anything of that size...
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    Replacing existing outside light cable

    D78E411C-2164-4768-BFFA-9F5AFA6747E5 by topgazza posted 23 Mar 2021 at 12:26 PM There is 1.5mm t&e cable running to some outside lights on the wall. Doesn’t look that old but is white. There are three LED fittings totalling 40watts They are out of reach and test ok, with a mega. However I...
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    Replacing Existing Immersion Heater Wiring

    So, as a qualified electrician some 40 years ago I feel happy replacing existing wiring longer installing new since 1990 Thought I would check here for some confirmation please. My sons house has an existing immersion heater spurred off the ring main into a fused spur, 13 amp I think...
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    CH but no Hot Water

    I’ve called my local plumber and I am interested in peoples thoughts whilst I wait. I have an unvented system and a trusty Potterton Netaheat profile 50e boiler. Intermittently hot water would fail to work. Then it would be fine. If I hit the BG controller it would often work. Weird but I...
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    Hot Water Smells Sweet and a bit chemically in Unvented system

    Just recently our hot water has a definate sweet smell to it. We have an unvented system heated by a boiler. Before I call my plumber out has anyone any ideas ? i've read loads of different ideas from the extreme to the impossible. I suspect some sort of bacterial effect in the unvented cylinder...
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    Replacing Wedge UPVC Gasket/seal

    My windows are 17 years old and OK. But the 3mm wedge seals, on the inside of these older windows, are looking a bit tired and grubby. I see some on ebay in white as most other places only sell black. But my question is can I replace the wedge type with a different type that is more readily...
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    Shower Tray Panel

    Cant seem to find anyone who sells a shower ppanel thats 130mm high. The panel that covers the gap at the front of a shower tray. I bought one a few years ago and want to replace it with a shiny new white one. I only want the panel not the plinth kit Does anyone know where or any advice please ?
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    Shower Plinth

    Cant seem to find anyone who sells a shower plinth. The panel that covers the gap at the front of a shower tray. I bought one a few years ago and want to replace it with a shiny new white one. Does anyone know where please ? Cant seem to see them in the sheds but maybe I'm looking in the...
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    Are All Hinges Equal ?

    Just bought some 3" brass butt hinges from B&Q and had a nightmare getting the internal (hollow) door to fit. I had done nothing else but replace the hinges but the gap on the hinge side of the door was a few mm wider at the top than the bottom and the door wouldnt close. There were two types...
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    Caulk for Skirting Board Gap but should I paint ?

    I have just fitted some pre finished skirting board and although the job looks OK there are a few gaps. Particularly along the wall. But for those and corner joints I am torn between using caulk and sealant. If I apply caulk can i leave and not paint, being prefinished skirting of course, and...
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    Toilet Soil Pipe Too Far From Wall

    This is tricky to describe so bear with me please. My existing toilet cistern on a close coupled loo was attached to a batten holding it 3 CM from the wall because the only way I could fit a soil polypipe to the hole in the floor was to do that. Basically the centre of the soil pipe in the...
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    Fitting Blinds to Fabricated Metal Lintel

    So I have discovered I have metal lintels under the plasterboard in my window recess. I want to fit some roller blinds is it correct to drill through the fabricated, not solid steel, lintels with a small HSS drill and just use long self tapping screws to provide a decent hold for the blinds ...
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    New Wood Door Dropping ?

    I hung a rear access door on my son's garage and it is a good quality door with a single pane of safety glass and plywood panel. It cut to size really well and looks a good solid construction. The door frame was a bit out of shape so I had to adjust the hinges with some shims but otherwise all...
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    Extending Cable in Outside wall - How to Join

    I have a wall light outside, under cover and not affected by the weather. However I need to drop it a foot or so which means extending the existing 1.5 T&E cable thats buried in the joints. Is it acceptable to solder the cable cores and cover with shrink tube and plastic and bury in the joints...
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    Alternative MCB to M6 Type 1 (MEM)

    I need to replace a M6 Type 1 MCB, 16A, as the current one has gone over sensitive. Are there modern alternatives that replace it or does it mean a whole new, expensive, consumer box ?
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    Decent Mid Price Jigsaw

    Just used a Performance 750W jigsaw at a friends and I was very impressed by how solid it was and the variable speed and pendulum feature. It cut beautifully and took the bottom off a wooden door so I could plane the final bit. I would point out that someone had butchered the door previously...