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    How to release this copper push-fit?

    My builder's plumber accidentally removed the wrong radiator. We were due to have a new one anyway (at the time undecided) so I let him just cap it. Problem is I don't know how to get these off without cutting them. What's the method? Thanks Mike
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    Extension doorway from kitchen - is this needed?

    Hi In pondering the many facets of our small kitchen extension, one thing I thought was always going to be required was a doorway from the kitchen to outside, owing to the inner room (Utility) adjoining it. I'm reading the regulations now though and I can't seem to find anything that matches...
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    Foundation design - drain crossing at corner

    Hi I'm in the middle of a discussion with the BCO regarding the proposal to cross the corner of an extension where an existing 4" drain sits. The drain sits at a centreline of 530mm below ground level, so around 470mm above the bottom of any trench. I proposed a full fill foundation with 50mm...
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    Can opener only be replaced on PVCu window?

    Hi We have a side-hung window which has always had a bad gap at the top, but not a huge overlap at the bottom. The top hinge also looks knackered and the window is bowing outwards at the top due to the hinge issue. Having measured up, it seems the difference between the opening and the...
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    Removing upstairs wall - running into problems!!!

    Hi I'm trying to move an alcove from the rear bedroom to the front bedroom. My plan was to remove the existing wall (between airing cupboard and chimney) and build a new stud wall to form the back of the new alcove. Here is the plan: Upstairs by mfarrow posted 2 Mar 2018 at 9:48 PM The...
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    Black marks on lead flashing

    Hi Our lead flashing is loose above a sloping tiles roof at the front. I suspect that's down to the location, very much South facing, and a weak mortar caused by it drying too soon. I've got some Hall clips and silicone to re-do it all, but I also wish to remove the black marks which seem to...
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    Is this CWI material OK?

    Installed at in-laws. I've not seen it on my travels when doing my own extension, and it's a funny height too (not usual 900mm batts). 20161019_162051 by mfarrow posted 27 Oct 2016 at 7:17 AM20161019_162057 by mfarrow posted 27 Oct 2016 at 7:16 AM
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    T8 1NCH

    Saw registered on a van, with spacing as given. Is this likely to be an electricians van do you think? It was completely unmarked. I've heard of eg "[initials] 400V" or "V230 [initials]" but not anything as subtly deliberate as above (if indeed it was deliberate).
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    Removing (redundant?) buttress - is this OK

    Hi We're finally near the end game now in terms of building our extension. One long-held annoyance in the old bathroom (new Bedroom 4) was the buttress which stuck out the wall into the room. This was where an opening was formed in 2001 between the 1958 original house and the 1995 extension...
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    PTFE five times around the threads of each compression joint. How to make a permanent repair to a burst pipe... :rolleyes:
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    Old Potterton Timer (1960's)

    My parents still have one installed at home. Anyone seen them elsewhere? It seems to be very robust. Borrowed from Electrics.
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    Used Pallets

    Throw them into someone else's skip? Send them back whence they came? Put them on Guntree? Ask the nearest neighbour with a wood burner? Seriously I'm fed up of chopping them in half to take to the tip. Therefore suggestions will be welcome!
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    Propping roof for below-wallplate work

    Hi In an extension, I have removed the outer leaf to gain extra room in the new upstairs bathroom. The existing internal lintel however is a ginormous concrete thing which has a slope at the front protruding into the cavity by 75mm (cavity's width). The length of the lintel is 2.5m. Think of...
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    No cavity wall insulation going in new house

    Hi A colleague is having a house built at the moment by a house building firm. Their up second lift and have not installed any cavity wall insulation. When questioned, he was told it would be put in afterwards. Is this usual, and acceptable? It looks like a 150-200mm cavity and I would have...
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    Low ground level below DPC - how far to fill cavity?

    Hi Our extension back wall sits 500mm below DPC level owing to patios on ours and neighbours side. I know convention says fill 225mm below DPC to prevent the ground crushing the cavity in. What should I do in my case though, where there is no ground on one side, and a good rigid bed of...
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    Reduced return on back door

    Hi I should have seen this coming really but the council came back on Building Regs plans and noted the reduced return on the back door. We'd like it to be 415mm with a 900mm opening. They've asked for "justification". What is this usually? It seems from Part A that there is an unclear...
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    Pouring stepped footing

    Hi, I'm just wondering how this is done? Do you need special concrete at all which wont flow so much? If so will i need to hire a poker? The step is 300mm with a 600mm overlap. Thanks Mike
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    Terminated pipe on external wall DPC level

    Hi We're doing an extension to replace our conservatory, however we have a pipe at DPC level in the back wall that formerly belonged to the kitchen. Any ideas what it is, and what it's purpose was for please? Our neighbour's got one too, just not as well painted.
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    Is this extension within PD (before I spend any money!)

    Hi We're having a conservatory replaced with an extension this year, and wish to build a first floor extension as part of the plans. I've had a good look at the planning portal site, regards permitted development, however the council will not answer my "do I need planning permission?"...
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    The house of 8 bricks

    Hi I'm trying to find the right brick for a new extension. The house has had 4 extensions over the years (including a conservatory), plus a bricked-up external doorway. That plus the original makes 6 and we have both blue and red engineering bricks below courses depending on the...