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    How to install ethernet network in a home?

    Hi, I'm not an expert but willing to spend some time and money to cable up my five bedroom 12 year old house with Cat6. I have a two storey house with internal plasterboard walls, and also plasterboard against external walls. Loft space is accessible. I'm wondering what the best way is to...
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    Lost a screw from door latch, how to find new one?

    My half double glazed back door latch had a screw in it to hold it in, but the screw has worked itself loose and I've lost it. Is there a standard screw for these? How can I find the right screw without having to buy loads of them?
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    How to find a reliable value for money handy man?

    I live in Bedfordshire and am generally crap at DIY so I usually hire a handy man to do general maintenance. I have 2-3 days of general maintenance work that needs doing and submitted my job to Rated People website and only got one response but the review from the guy that responded was poor. So...
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    How much would it cost to fit a new shower tray & screen

    I'm quite new to this site and before I get some quotes, do you know how much it would cost roughly to remove and fit a new shower tray and screens? The shower head and unit has been fixed to the wrong wall, so I'm thinking of relocating the shower head attachment to the exterior wall (to the...
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    Where to get replacement spring for Triton AS2000XT?

    The spring on the start/stop switch has corroded away and snapped. Here's the manual but I didn't see that part listed. Any ideas?
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    Having trouble finding a replacement toilet seat.

    I have a non-standard toilet made by Twyford, I think it's a close-couple design and the bowl is almost a D shape. The distance between the centre of the hinge holes is 165mm, the max width edge to edge of the pan is 355mm and the length from the front of the pan to the centre of the hinges is...