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    Gap around boiler flue

    During a recent boiler service the engineer informed me of the same issue. Easy DIY job he said but on NO ACCOUNT to use expending foam (could expend into boiler). Mortar or filler depending on inside/outside.
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    The average age will be older? :D
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    Stealth Car Tax

    Of course had the government NOT been interested in making some extra tax money you could have Road Fund Licence (car tax to you and me) run for 365 days/182 days etc etc that way we the punter wouldn't be out of pocket. As it's all a simple database entry and ANPR now this would have been a...
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    "on benefits and proud"

    Not quite the pub scenario if nine pay the same tax The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing. The fifth would pay £1. The sixth would pay £3. The seventh would pay £7. The eighth would pay £12. The ninth would pay £18. And the tenth man (the richest) would pay £59.
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    "on benefits and proud"

    Suppose that once a week, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to £100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this... The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing. The fifth would pay £1. The sixth would pay £3. The seventh would...
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    "on benefits and proud"

    I share your point of view more than most but is someone's HOME merely by virtue of living in it - the HOUSE that belongs to others. A HOME colud be a tent, a boat a caravan et
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    Ebay Bidding

    Mine is the opposite - place your maximum bid as early as you can. Ebay will automatically bid up to that amount. But I guess everyone has a different strategy
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    Benefits problem everybodys problem

    Single mothers/absent fathers are not tin themselves a problem. Reckless or irresponsible parenting is a problem. An absent father could be paying £500 a month child support - BUT maintenance paid to support a child(ren) is ignored under DWP regulations when assessing entitlements to benefits...
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    neighbours permission?

    On a similar but different note. At a previous address we had **** from the neighbour for years. One weekend he was away and a burglary was attempted next door. I scared them off and called the police etc. When the neighbour came back he thanked me etc. There was no more crap after that. As...
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    Dinner lady sacked.

    It's not the quantity that matters but the disproportionate influence that the minority are having and will continue to have.
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    I would like to see it made harder to receive benefits for those who are capable of working but appear to choose not too. However the reality is certain people will always find ways to work the system no matter what rules apply. Libby you say you did this to get a home, what do you think of...
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    Vinyl Floor covering lifting

    TBH I have no idea - I was at work, wy wife was the one who was in and she well she likes to use fifty words when one will do ..... :lol:
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    Vinyl Floor covering lifting

    Well the fitter arrived - he denied it was him who did the original installation however still put it right. So either way fair play. I must admit having read various interweb comments I was expecting to have a lot more aggreviation between Carpetright/Fitter and myself as to who was going to...
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    Vinyl Floor covering lifting

    Thanks to all for your replies. Point noted about the two seperate contracts. I went into Carpetright on Friday evening and the fitter is coming round to asess today. It was fitted in December so yes was cold and has from what is being said possibly stretched with foot traffic (worst in heavy...
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    Vinyl Floor covering lifting

    Thanks it was purchased and fitted via Carpetright. I will go back to the store tonight.
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    Vinyl Floor covering lifting

    Last December I have new vinyl flooring fitted in my kitchen. Approx 4m x 3m and a few in's and out's. Recently it has started rippling/lifting/bubbling call it what you will but the appearance is spoilt. I want to re-lay it and remedy the problem it probably is not as simple as I think which...
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    It really isn't worth going down the DIY route for a will. This can turn into a complex area if wordings and intentions aren't crystal clear (remember you won't be around to ask what ypou meant). As an example (even though she used a soliciter) my late Grandmother left a sum five figure sum of...
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    Getting paid by electronic transfer

    I am not a tradesman, however I think it is probaly down to the type of person. Those who would pay "on the nail" would do so irrespective of the payment being cash, cheque or BACS. I personally pay immediately unless it's a large job when I will ,ake weekly stage payments appropriate to the...
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    Can the UK escape bankruptcy?

    Most people haven't been like this true but I think the tide is generally turning people are saving more and paying back debt. May be not enough/fast enough but I think there is a change.
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    Slave labour in the Uk exists - official!

    "Allowances are not a god given right. There person giving the allowance is therefore in my mind allowed to control the conditions under which is it is given. If you dont like the conditions, typically and in this instance, you are free to not take part" Agreed and the judges making this...