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    Breaker tripped;...serious issue?

    Last night my son lost power in his home due to a circuit breaker tripping;...he had his oven, hob, CH, and TV running the time. He also had his pop-up toaster in operation;...he thinks (but not certain) it tripped when the toaster popped-up/switched off. Lighting was unaffected. After...
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    Earth bonding,...required or not?

    My daughter has been told that her mains water pipe needs to be earth bonded with a new 10mm earth cable that runs from her consumer unit (at the front of her house) to the incoming mains water pipe/stop cock in her kitchen at the rear of the house. However, the mains water pipe (adjacent to...
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    Air admittance (Durgo) valve: A1 designated.

    Air admittance (Durgo) valve: A1 designated. Any recommendations please (ease of fitting, longevity, functionality etc) for an ‘A1’ designated Air admittance (Durgo) valve needed for a forthcoming conservatory roof replacement/upgrade?... i.e. a valve that will be fitted below the flood...
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    Combi boiler: water pressure question.

    My son recently moved house and the CH boiler is an 'Ideal Logic Combi ES30';’s about 2 or3 years old. When the system is cold the water pressure shows approx 1.9Bar,...when the CH has been on for a while and everything is fully heated up the pressure gauge shows approx 2.9Bar. If the...
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    Bathroom fan: siting/legality?

    My son has recently moved house and his bathroom needs to be completely refurbished;...I have a question regarding the existing Vent-Axia extractor fan. The fan is sited immediately above the toilet (about 30cm below ceiling height: see photo in the link) and vents through an external wall...
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    Replacing an L-shaped shower bath.

    I need to have an existing L-shaped shower bath + screen + side panel replaced. I have 2 likely contenders, both similarly priced.
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    Kitchen ventilation

    I have a question about the ventilation required in a kitchen which is fitted with a gas cooker. The kitchen has a 3-speed extraction hood/fan fitted directly above the gas hob that vents directly through an external wall to the outside atmosphere. The fan will shift approx 130 litres per...
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    Controlling heat to the entire house with a Hallway room-stat.

    My son has recently moved house;…it’s a 3 bed detached house built in 2001. It has an ‘Ideal’ ‘combi’ gas boiler that was fitted less than 2 years ago. Just got a few questions for you guys regarding the use of a ‘room stat’ to control the temperature of the entire house. The room-stat is...
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    Need to remove/replace Kitchen Sink plug/waste assembly.

    My son has moved house recently and his stainless-steel kitchen sink leaks through the seals on the plug and water drips into the cupboard space below. The whole plug/waste assembly obviously needs replacing. Probably with this...
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    Fitting Dishwasher: needs extra long fill & drain hoses.

    My son has moved house recently and the only place he can fit his dishwasher is a fair distance from the external wall of his kitchen. I’ve fitted any number of washers/dishwashers over the years from scratch, but never one that would be so remote from a convenient waste outlet position and...
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    Alarm sounds when mains switched off.

    My son has recently moved house and the property is protected by an ‘SL Compact’ burglar alarm system. I’m not sure how old it is but it appears to function properly when the alarm exit code is set, and it de-arms itself normally when the entry code is keyed in. However, when the mains supply...
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    Very little water flow from any ‘hot’ tap in the house

    Very little water flow from any ‘hot’ tap in the house i.e. bath tap, bathroom sink tap and kitchen tap; just a slight flow that stops after a minute or so. Been working fine but virtually stopped flowing this morning. The house has a conventional vented CH system with a cold water storage tank...
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    Hallway Radiator....bleeding ‘el !!

    Hi guys, My daughter recently moved house and the she has a problem with the hall-way radiator; it need bleeding every 10 days or so to ensure it gets hot. As soon as it’s bled it heats-up rapidly, so there is no apparent problem with the flow of hot-water. The gas boiler (not a...
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    Room-stat v. TRVs Apart from the requirement to meet building regs these days, I have yet to read a convincing argument as to why the mandatory room-stat, that shuts off the heating to the entire house!, is even necessary when all the radiators are...
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    Radiator size/rating/supplier advice please.

    I need to fit a new radiator into a well insulated conservatory which is 5m x 5m overall size. The max size of the radiator could be 70cm H x 220cm W. I need a good quality standard white finish radiator (not a ‘designer’ type) and would prefer a larger single panel rather than double...
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    Asphalt floor 'hole filler'

    Hi guys, I need to repair an asphalt floor. After removing an internal wooden post I am left with a circular hole about 30cm diameter which is down to the concrete base underneath. The asphalt is about 2cm thick. Anyone recommend a decent quick-drying filler that would do the job...
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    Room stat v. TRVs ???

    My daughter has just moved house recently and her new abode has full gas central heating (it’s not a combi boiler) with a standard copper hot water tank in the airing-cupboard. All the radiators have new TRVs fitted including the large lounge which has 2 radiators. However the lounge has a...
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    Laminate flooring...door bar/threshold bar advice reqd.

    All my bedrooms have laminate flooring and I would like to replace my landing carpet with laminate. Anyone used ‘Dural door-bar’ for the underdoor junction of two different laminate flooring types...
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    Boss White v. PTFE....or nothing?

    Is it best to use Boss White/jointing compound, PTFE, or nothing at all , around the olives when installing compression fittings in both ‘potable water’ and ‘non-potable’ water situations ? Also same question for radiator 'tail pipes' when fitting new TRVs.
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    Which 'inhibitor'?

    Need some inhibitor etc; Any thoughts on this stuff?; only a fiver! or same site sells Sentinel X100 @ £14.40. Which should I go...