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    Trench Blocks

    I`ve got a surplus of Tarmac Toplite trench blocks. CAN i use them to build a raised garden bed and render them? I know they can be used under DPC and as trench blocks obviously, but are they okay for a raised bed and will they take render? o_O
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    Dry Stacked Block Wall

    Evening all, looking for some advice regarding my plan for a raised garden plantar. Looking to build a garden plantar from hollow dense blocks 215mm. It’ll be approx 3 courses high and 3 metres long maximum length by 1 metre. (Bedded on footings). Question is can this by laid dry with rebar...
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    15mm flo fit pipe to 25mm MDPE pipe. HOW?

    Looking to tap into a 15mm cold water feed with 25mm MDPE pipe to run to out door koi pond. Read on the forums a wider pipe ie 25mm would allow better pressure hence the size difference. Its probably really obvious but what connection would i use? i`ve seen copper to MDPE tee connectors, would...
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    Building an extension- removing walls but were do start?

    I didnt think it would be so hard to find out the process of doing this. But there seems to be alot of different answers for the same question. So i thought i`d ask the people in the know. I`m looking at blocking up an internal wall to seperate my living/dinning room. remove supporting...
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    New house New problems. Cold Shower but why?

    I moved into a new house 2 days ago and all seemed well untill i tried to have a shower. I have a combi boiler and apart from needing to balance radiators the central heating seems fine. ALL hot water taps are hot including the bath. But the mixer shower is luke warm despite turning to fully...
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    Cold cold room!

    I`ve just bought a house with a bedroom above the garage. Looking up at the room from the garage i can see the floorboards of the room above. There is plasterboard attached to the rafters with a few holes in and by the looks of it not much insulation. The room above is cold as you...
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    DPC failure

    Recently had a home buyers survey completed on a 4 bedroom house. Survey came back with high level of moisture in front ground bay , area of rear living room internal wall, hall wall adjacent to garage and utility room external wall. So paniked and got a damp survey completed..... Report...
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    Were to centre hole????

    need to cut a 5" diameter hole in a brick wall for a waste pipe. Long story but girlfriends sink currently leaks as waste pipe goes uphill into an ancient indoor down pipe. Anyway my question is do i centre the core drill in the centre of the brick or in the mortar? sounds a daft question but...
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    6MM T&E Cable but what terminal????

    Hi all, I`m trying to wire a zanussi double electric oven to a ccu using a 6mm t&e cable as reconmended. The problem is the connection panel for the cooker is located in a smallish square at the bottom of the oven and the connection is not a typical " push wire into hole and secure connection...
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    Rather random question.

    hi all, :shock: i need to cut an irregular shape in a wooden panel to fit onto the side of my house. The brick is made from sandstone and don't really want to cut into it to get a flush fit. I saw a tool on a diy show (cant remember which one) that looked like a piece of wood with...
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    Garden Wall problem

    hi all. Just wanted to get the theory out the way before i dig a very wide hole. I`m looking a replacing my existing front garden wall with a stone built wall measuring approx 30cm wide and just over a metre high. From the other posts and diy sites. The foundation for this type of build need to...
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    Sticky back floor tiles!

    hi i`ve recently removed some floor tiles that were stuck to floorboard in my spare room. I`ve removed all the tiles but the adhesive has made the floorboards so sticky that it is virtually impossible to use a sander to smooth the floorboards for painting. What i`m askin is does anyone know a...
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    Treating Decking

    Hi all, Just finished laying some decking. a Friend says to not treat the wood with any preservertive untill nxt year. Is this right? or can i give it a coat of teak now?
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    Painting Rendering

    Can someone help me clear up some confusion. I want to paint an area of external rendering. The rendering is probably in excess of 10 yrs old and well weathered. Do i need to use a Primer, stabilising solution or Water seal prior to painting. Iv read previous posts and have found Johnstone's...
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    Upvc Shiplap Cladding

    Has anyone used UPVC shiplap cladding and do you rate it. Applying some to area above bedroom window as alternative to rendering. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Flashing Tape

    Im going to be constructing a roof over my patio area. So need to put some lead flashing above the roof into the brick work. Just be browsing the internet lookin for some. Screwfix do flashing tape is this the same as lead flashing? and if not has lead flashing got a trade name as the google...
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    Dont All shout. But Electrician courses?

    Hi all. I’m interested in starting a career as an electrician. I have basic knowledge and skills in domestic installation as far as I understand ring mains, spurs, cable sizes etc. And I have rewired electrical sockets and added extra sockets around my home. (Anyone Impressed?????) I...
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    Decking problem

    hi all, planning on puttin down some deckin 9m x 2m After reading the threads on the site iv decided to use 6x2 joists to construct the frame. Joist hangers to support the internal joists and lay it on my existing patio. My problem is; How best to attach the joists to my house considering...
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    Black Grout

    Does anyone know or can explain how i can get black tile adhesive , im planning on using it to grout between tiles. Thanks
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    ? amp of neon switch needed????

    I`m extendending a ring main to include a outdoor double socket and a single indoor socket to be used for a dryer. Am i right in thinking that the neon switch i am going to use should be 30 amps? to avoid these two sockets tripping the fuse. :?: :?: :?: 8) :mrgreen: