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  1. Spark123

    Condensate pipe

    Hi, My boiler is in the loft and during the Beast from the East cold spell I had the condensate pipe freeze causing it to backup and drip through the upstairs landing ceiling. The bathroom is not far from the boiler above hence I was wondering if it viable to run a new 22mm plastic condensate...
  2. Spark123

    Clarke DOL starter

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has used these before: ? I'm wondering if they are a contactor or one of those spring switches? It says they are for single or 3 phase motors. I'm suspecting...
  3. Spark123

    Hive 2 receiver location

    Hi, I was wondering if it makes any difference where the receiver for the Hive 2 system goes, I know in the instruction manual it says next to the boiler. My current setup is the boiler in the loft, the programmer in a bedroom cupboard and the thermostat on the landing. I would like to just...
  4. Spark123

    Gigabit network with Sky router

    Hi I am looking to setup a gigabit network so my PC can talk faster to my network attached storage drive. Both the PC and NAS say they have gigabit ports. My ISP is Sky and unfortunately the supplied adsl router only does 10/100 networking. Sky don't provide a username and password like other...
  5. Spark123

    DHCP server

    Hi I am wondering what is the best way to add a DHCP server to a stand alone network (no internet access)? The network currently consists of 3 PCs, 2 DVRs, a NAP, 8 way switch and a sound desk. I currently just use fixed IP addresses but is a nuisance when attaching an ipad / ipod / iphone...
  6. Spark123

    Using 2 wireless access points

    Hi, I was wondering if I have two wireless access points in a large building, both with the same SSID and passwords will they work or will they clash? Would I be better setting different SSIDs? I intend to hard wire them both to the same switch configuring them with different ip addresses (we...
  7. Spark123

    GE compact RCBO

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has come across GE compact RCBOs, or anywhere in the UK that sells B6 flavoured ones yet? These are the beasties:
  8. Spark123

    MEM RCBO Pods

    Hi, I have acquired the following two units and want to swop the pod from the B32 to B16: I'm not wanting to break anything so am after some advice on how to go about removing the pod from the B32. I have read this old thread // which...
  9. Spark123

    Floppy drive emulators

    Hi, I know this ia long shot but has anyone used a floppy drive emulator which has a USB port on the front? I have seen some (from China which I am not over keen on buying - would prefer a reputable UK supplier but) clicky I'm just wondering if it is possible to use one of those devices...
  10. Spark123

    Cat 5E network

    Hi, I have some 4 Pair UTP cable which says EIA/TIA 568A on the box. The network sockets have got have 568B printed on them and a label with the colour codes (bu, bu/wh etc) for the IDCs. Am I OK to just follow the colour codes on the back of the sockets? I notice 568A and 568B use...
  11. Spark123

    Distance from a balanced flue

    Hi, One for the RGIs, what is the minimum distance between a ballanced flue and a vent for a fan? I have a feeling it is 1m but before I get my core drill out thought I'd double check! Cheers
  12. Spark123

    NICEIC forms

    Are the NICEIC (full scope) EIC forms in duplicate i.e. is there a carbon copy sheet below the original? I am asking where a NICEIC approved contractor has installed a new circuit and there is no evidence of the EIC ever existing, are they required to keep a copy?
  13. Spark123

    BGB on sale now!

    The newest edition of BS7671:2008 (2011), the Big Green Book is now on sale incorporating Amd 1, available from the IET for £80 :shock: Coming into effect on 1st Jan 2012 Unfortunately it doesn't sound like the IET will be releasing Amd 1 as a separate document like they have done in the...
  14. Spark123

    Ford Mondeo alarm

    Hi, was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to turn the sensitivity of my car alarm down a bit as it tends to go off when a lorry etc drives past. It is a 2005 2.2 TDCI model.
  15. Spark123


    Where's your swag post gone - I'm sure it was here this morning? What you got?
  16. Spark123

    Google street view

    For those that are interested, Google street view now has approx 95% coverage of the UK
  17. Spark123

    Honeywell 2 port valve

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows what the current rating of the microswitch in these is? Cheers
  18. Spark123

    Is the Private Messaging broken?

    A bit of an odd one, I was trying to send a message and it wouldn't send as I tracked down to there being a £ sign in my message. It just kept saying something like "You must enter a message" and wiped everything I wrote :cry:
  19. Spark123

    Mortice locks

    Hi, this isn't really my area so am completely clueless! How do you measure up a mortice lock so it can be replaced? Is the 2,1/2" and 3" referring to the depth of the lock? The ones to be replaced are made by ERA - I think they are deadlocks? (the handles don't connect into them)
  20. Spark123

    Cube lamp shade

    Anyone know a good place which makes glass lamp shades to order or sells the following? I'm after a 6"x6"x6" cube in white glass, pref with a 4" fixer but not that fussed as can make do with fixings.