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    painting artex. has a sheen on it.

    I want to paint a couple of ceilings that have been artexed. the artex seems to have a finish onit that is shiny, as in it could have been painted with eggshell or something like that. because of this shiny surface I am worried that the emulsion will not adher. any ideas
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    martin oneill sunderland manager

    sunderland like most clubs have appointed a manager whose press is better than the reality. I know he has won the league cup with leicester and 3 scottish championships. but yet again a club picks someone who is not quite as good as his press. this seems to be the problem with football sack the...
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    I watched about 1/2 an hour of the jungle thing the other night and was informed that it was im a celebrity get me out of here. I didnt know who most of them were, the ones I did stroppy camp bloke, fatima etc . then peter andre turned up how desperate is that only famous because he married a...
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    jeremy clarkson

    jeremy clarkson. he opens his mouth and does not engage brain or does he have book to sell. piers morgan gets in on the act and spouts outrage. piers you dimwit thats what jezza does and you have fallen for it.