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    painting artex. has a sheen on it.

    should I use pva or something like that as a 1st coat.
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    painting artex. has a sheen on it.

    I want to paint a couple of ceilings that have been artexed. the artex seems to have a finish onit that is shiny, as in it could have been painted with eggshell or something like that. because of this shiny surface I am worried that the emulsion will not adher. any ideas
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    Big cats ? True story....... Mystery !

    2nd image in mail article is of an animal in wheat or barley stubble, its a household cat.
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    how can I clean the top of kitchen wall units ?

    try sugar soap in warm water
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    Scottish Independance

    without the scottish labour vote the tories get in everytime, england will be run by south east based tories with large parts of the labour voting north, midlands and south west not having a say in anything. god help us all.
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    Scottish Independance

    england scotland and wales are much stronger together than apart. whether you like it or not the uk nations are now so assimilated that the only real difference between any of us is a regional accent. scots have been living in england and visa versa for hundreds of years. scottish...
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    prince philip i wish him well

    cant we go back to the good old days when we could call a shovel a shovel
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    house from hell

    did the new owners get a survey, something must have shown up. planning permision, mining, etc people are strange they want it they buy it, bugger the survey. not your problem
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    Keep Fit Buffs

    whats wrong witha good walk. and I dont mean to the pub. if you walked to the pub back home then back to the pub that should do it.
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    John Terry v Luis Suarez

    just think of that 2 years in a prison north of watford he'll be walking like john wayne.
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    John Terry v Luis Suarez

    I should add that I think terry is a total scumbag. and deserves everything that comes to him.
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    John Terry v Luis Suarez

    because the cps are involved terry will get whatever they chuck at him and then the fa can act. if terry gets a large fine or even a term. then the fa will react. the cps could find no case to answer, in which case the fa can do nothing. where does that then leave suarez. why do these things...
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    What's your favorite type of toast?

    toasted wheaten apparently its sacrilege
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    Miss Smith I'd like to shake your hand.

    is miss smith going to be arrested for attacking an innocent man while he was attacking his dog.
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    Miss Smith I'd like to shake your hand.

    nothing wrong with pets just the people that own them
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    Miss Smith I'd like to shake your hand.

    yes I agree well done miss smith. but I take issue with making it a crime to buy a pet for someone else. surely a fair % of pets are bought for someone else. maybe there should be an age limit put on buying pets, young scroats and bull terriers come to mind.
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    Christmas lights OUTSIDE – who are they for?

    anyone catch king of the christmas lights on the tv last night.
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    if hes not happy with work carried out by cats recommended tradesmen, whats he supposed to do. rollover and accept it.
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    How much?

    the award is a bit over the top. but what the tribunal are trying to do is say if you treat people like that then this what will happen. the hospital in question has a shortfall in funding of 30m and now has to pay this award.
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    Christmas lights OUTSIDE – who are they for?

    I may not like christmas lights but in a town not far from us the council have told a couple to turn them off due to health and safety reasons!!!!!