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    Fiesta ABS warning light

    Hi folks :wink: , I have an 05 Fiesta style with 24,000 on the clock. A couple of days ago I had to brake a bit sharpish, I felt the ABS doing it`s job through the pedal. However, a day or so later the ABS warning light came on and has been on ever since. Typical! as it is due its first MOT...
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    Hardwood door frame

    Hi folks, :wink: just bought a hardwood exterior door frame from B&Q but the instructions are missing. Any advice on assembly? Glue/screw or nail? cheers.............
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    Driveshaft rumble???

    Hi gang, :wink: me again. Just replaced wheel bearings/suspension arm/trackrod ends/brake discs and pads on both sides of fiesta. Now I have a rumbling noise from the driveshaft. I think maybe it was on its way out and with my disturbing it whilst replacing these parts has caused this noise...
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    Wheel bearing trouble

    Hi everybody :wink: I am replacing hub bearings on the front of a ford fiesta. When I knocked the part that holds the wheel on to seperate the hub the bearing broke apart leaving half of the bearing case stuck on the shaft. Will it come off easier if I heat the bearing ring?? cheers
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    Door handle problem

    Hi all :wink: the handle on my front door (upvc) has been playing up for some time. It is very hard to lock. When I removed the handle I noticed that the square socket where the bar goes through for the handles is split so when the handle is pushed up the socket opens up and therefore does not...
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    Ford Fiesta service/warrenty

    Hi all :wink: I have a Ford Fiesta Style 05 which is coming up for its service. This is the first service for me as new owner as I only brought the car in January. Am I right in thinking that I don't have to take it to a Ford dealer even thou it is still under warranty as long as I take it to...
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    burning smell

    Hi all. I have a 1999 v reg ford fiesta with 50,000 on the clock. When driving down the motorway I suddenly lost power and had to change down the gears and build the speed back up slowly. It only lasted for a very short while but there was a distinct smell of burning that lasted about the same...
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    Burning smell loss of power

    1999 v reg fiesta 50,000 miles. Slight loss of power and a smell of burning. Only lasts for a short time.Have to change down the gears and build speed up slowly. Has happened twice now. Any ideas??? :? +++++++++++++ Moderator's note: Duplicate post See...
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    Painting Galvanised Steel..

    Hi team, I built a garage using corrugated galvanized sheeting and I want to give it a coat of paint. I was advised to leave it and let the shine go from the zinc. It`s been 2years since I built it and want to know if I need to prime the steel and what would be the best paint to use...
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    Tumble dryer now causing mould

    After the tumble dryer we had been using in our outhouse finally packed in (vented to an outside wall) we chose to buy a condensing one and since then the outhouse which is not heated is getting very damp and mouldy. There are air vents in there but would it benefit from an electric Expelair...
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    Zanussi Chest Freezer Problem

    Hi all and Happy New Year. I have a Zanussi Electrolux chest freezer ZCF 77C it is kept in an out building attatched to the house. During the xmas break some black bags and cardboard boxes were left in there. The bags must have fallen over and blocked the vent cover. How long it had been like it...
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    Wireless network attack?

    I have a laptop with a Belkin wireless router. Just watched "The Real Hustle" a programme where scams are exposed and according to it anyone sitting outside my house using certain software can see what I am looking at or even view stuff that would be trackable to my house. What measures can I...
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    Fiesta "it just went Click"

    Ford Fiesta Vreg (1999) 50,000 on clock. No real problems up until today when I jumped in and turned the key. It just went click! Tried it 4 times then 5th time started no problem. I had noticed every so often that when I turned the key the starter would sound as if it was turning faster than...
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    petrol smell but no leak??

    Parked my v reg Fiesta at work this morning everything fine, went to it at home time (4 oclock) very bad petrol smell before I even started the car. After driving for a while the smell went. However, after a few more miles it came back again. I have checked for leaks but so far nothing???? any...
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    Ford Fiesta Suspension

    I need to replace a rubber bush on the offside front lower suspension arm on my 1999 v reg fiesta. Haynes manual shows you how to remove the arm but makes no mension of this bush....any ideas??..... cheers..corky :wink: