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    condensing bosch classixx tumble dryer

    Hello, my very old Bosch Dryer dryer is heating and going round but stopping after a little while. The water is not going into the container? could it be blocked somewhere have cleaned all the fluff filters? My husband normally uses this site but he's away at the moment and I have two very...
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    Raising a floor level

    Hi thanks for the idea, but I wanted to keep the floor hollow so it has the same sound as the existing floor. From other posts I also believe that the concrete or screed needs to be between 75mm and 100mm, which would not allow for insulation.
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    Raising a floor level

    Hi all. I have looked through this site numerous times and there appears to be conflicting information on the best route to take on how to raise a floor level. I have at the moment a flag stone floor on a concrete base that I need to raise approximately 125mm to meet an existing floor level. My...
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    Rangemaster FSD

    I have a faulty FSD on my Classic 90 Leisure gas cooker. I have tried getting a new one from espares, but the part they sent out was completely different. I then tried Rangemaster direct and they said they could help, but sent out exactly the same part as espares. Has anyone else had this...
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    Help choosing a new dishwasher

    I recently added a post, that looks as if has stumped everyone. My old dishwasher looks as if it finally given up. So My next question is what to replace it with? I normally buy Bosch, but all the reviews I read mention the quality is not as previous models and they are all now very plasticy. I...
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    Whirlpool dishwasher fault

    Hi I have a Whirlpool G2P DWI integrated dishwasher, that seems to have an intermitent fault. HEEEEEEEELP! The fault occurs every so often, during a cycle it starts to intermitently beep, if the door is opened the start light is flashing but continuosly flashes not for a number of flashes to...