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    Mira Platinum pumped remote shower on a pressurised system

    You don't want to reduce flow. Flow is not a problem - you can never have too much flow capacity, only too little. You can have too much pressure though. 1 bar will definitely be fine.
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    Different coloured Silicone round bath and down corner walls ??

    Looks like a decent job to me (y)
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    Mira Platinum pumped remote shower on a pressurised system

    What do you mean by 'choke it down'? As madrab pointed out - flow and pressure are 2 different (but related) things.
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    Different coloured Silicone round bath and down corner walls ??

    If I remember rightly, in the video you're talking about, he shows that silicone does indeed stick to silicone?
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    STS foam tiling board // tanking really necessary ?

    I used STS boards in one of my bathrooms - straight to the stud using the PU adhesive and stainless screws/those big washers. I didn't tank anything - just used some patches of Impey Waterguard membrane I had laying around to cover the screws and washers, although I consider this to have been...
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    Mira Platinum pumped remote shower on a pressurised system

    It wasn't because I'm a tight arse. I mean I am a tight arse but that wasn't the reason :LOL: edit: To be clear - I wouldn't have wanted to leave it like that indefinitely, just saying as a short/medium term situation it wasn't a problem edit: Also my mains pressure might be a lot lower than...
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    Mira Platinum pumped remote shower on a pressurised system

    I've run a pumped shower on mains pressure before when I had my DHW/CH system changed over. Not a Mira Platinum, although funnily enough it was a mains pressure Mira Platinum I was putting in, in the other bathroom. Was only intended to be very temporary but in the end it was there for well...
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    Is my neighbour drainging their bath into the gutter?

    Haha yes it does appear to be the case! Apart from being illegal, it's quite an odd way to do it. I guess they shied away from connecting into the cast iron soil pipe.
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    Re-threading a tile cutter

    What thread was on it originally? If it was M12 to start with then there's probably not enough meat left on it to get a decent thread anyway? I would take it apart and put the shaft in a lathe if possible and use the tail stock to keep the die true. Failing that a pillar drill could possibly...
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    Bathroom Tiling Advice

    What are the dimensions of the wall areas to be tiled and what are the dimensions of the tiles? As always, setting out is usually down to a best compromise around trying not to have any sliver tiles cuts. Depending on how you do this, you can make life easier for yourself or much much harder...
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    Tile bathroom walls or fit lvt floor first?

    I would 100% tile first as you'll unavoidably drop tile adhesive/bits of tile/tools etc on the floor as you work and even if you put sheets down, treading on them could make a right mess of your LVT underneath. I definitely wouldn't sit a shower tray or a bath on top of the LVT. Waste of time...
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    Swap FCU for plug and socket thoughts please?

    Interested in this too. Expecting a lot more people to be asking this question in the coming months.
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    Bathroom Tiling Advice

    I've had very good experience with 'shmox' levelling clips from ebay. I ended up not using the pliers, I found it easier to do them up by hand. Just make sure you clean up the edges of the tiles nicely and scrape away a little adhesive from the wall below the grout gap before you put the clip...
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    Boiler Apps

    You can use Ideal's own 'Halo' device/system or the Nest or Hive smart thermostats
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    Siemens dishwasher E23 error

    It's usually E19 with these machines (heat exchanger outlet solenoid - the thing with the blue plug at the bottom right of your picture) If you search on that basis you'll find loads of threads detailing various bits and bobs to do with fixing them. This one here...
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    Does it look wrong to not tile one wall of the bathroom?

    If you were re-tiling then you can get away with a lot as you could possibly just pack out with a bit of extra tile adhesive etc. But because you want a paint finish, it's really difficult to hide anything. I'm finding it hard to picture ripping tiles off a plasterboard wall and being able to...
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    Siemens dishwasher E23 error

    As you suspect, the discolouration is grease and gunge from the wash. There's a little moving plunger thing in the rectangular bit at the top. Some of sort of air admittance/vent valve. It's tricky but you can clean it out although it won't outright stop the machine working. Your Siemens...
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    Does it look wrong to not tile one wall of the bathroom?

    There's no way plasterboard will survive tile removal unless the person who set them did a really bad job!
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    Knauf loft roll insulation products

    Well, exactly. I went ahead and ordered 60m2 of both the 100mm and 200mm stuff from B&Q (and got 10% off on their weekend offer)... I was just wondering if there was any difference between the two products other than the price and the packaging.