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    Halal meat

    What do you think we should do about halal meat in this country? Should we ban it completely? Or should we at least have a halal sign in every supermarket, corner shop, and takeaway shop window stating that it's sold there, and of course have halal clearly written on each piece of packaging...
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    Should Boris return?

    Should Boris be brought back as leader of the Conservative Party? He was declared unfit to be leader not so long ago, but is this still the case?
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    Using metal trunking as the earth

    Not something I'm intending on doing, but thought I'd raise the topic for fun and maybe learn a bit more. I gather using metal trunking to provide the earth/cpc for a circuit is acceptable, in the same way metal conduit can be used. Usually we don't see metal trunking used as a cpc, as it's...
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    Doing things properly abroad

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    'Wiring' thread

    Why was the recent thread titled 'Wiring' closed? In the picture we saw a switch faceplate that required earthing, and some twin and earth cable where the bare earth wires had been cut out. Although the op had been made aware of this, there was still plenty more to be said, regarding the...
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    New challenger bell box doesn't silence

    Hiya, I have a Citadel/ADE security alarm system on an outbuilding which needs a new bell box. Have chosen a Challenger AU1000WBX bell box. Matching the wiring up seems very easy, the instructions have details for an ADE system. strobe-...strobe- 12v V+...D 12v V-...A rtn...T trig...B When...
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    Ring doorbell, with transformer and replacement chime

    In other words, an existing wired 8v doorbell chime, with 8v transformer, to work in conjunction with a new Ring doorbell system. Plan is to keep existing wired doorbell, though happy to replace doorbell with another model. And of course, more than happy to replace transformer. I know this has...
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    Ring circuit for LIGHTING

    We often receive posts from people claiming the lighting in their home is on a ring circuit, when in reality it's on a normal radial, and we generally get someone who corrects them. But we are also reminded that lighting can be on a ring circuit, particularly in industrial or commercial...
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    Adding a wireless doorbell to two wired doorbells

    Is there a wireless doorbell that can be linked to a wired doorbell? Perhaps a special unit can be wired into the existing wired doorbell, which sends a signal to make a remote, wireless doorbell ring? One 8v bell transformer, two 8v underdome doorbells. Wiring to second doorbell done in 8...
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    Stranded flex with a mind of it's own

    Inspired by a current topic about flex, just recently I have noticed several light fittings be supplied with flex that is very awkward to work with. You just cannot twist the strands together to solid it up a bit. It just instantly undoes itself, so making a neat connection is virtually...
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    Painting industrial garage floor

    Any good products for painting a previously painted, very worn, greasy industrial concrete floor? Where paint has peeled off, there are many raised spots where sound paint still remains. Not looking to spend a lot of time on this (it's not kind of job), though obviously a good clean, scrape...
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    The Increase in Universal Credit during Covid19

    What was the reason for increasing the amount of Universal Credit given during the darkesr days of Covid 19? When others were taking cuts, this was increased. In all seriousness, what was the reason or logic for that?
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    Potential decking disaster

    Someone has decided to re-paint their decking. It was originally oil-based sikkens stain, with a clear anti-slip coating on the top. From what I gather, it has been rubbed down and now treated with Cuprinol water-based deck stain. Looks a bit like 'fence and shed' paint to me, doesn't give the...
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    Alarm panel getting very hot

    Citadel alarm panel with built in key pad has suddenly decided to get hot. The outer casing is very warm, and there is an electrical burning smell. Can't get there to investigate, but gut reaction is the transformer is causing this. ??? Mains supply has been isolated until I can get there...
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    Premature cable collapse hysteria

    I noticed on a job in an airing cupboard about a year ago someone had fitted a vertical 12 inch long piece of pvc mini trunking coming out of an immersion switch, and then from here a horizontal 12 inch long piece of mini trunking going to a new socket. They used metal trunking clips inside the...
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    Zinseer All Coat Exterior Gloss (Water Based)

    Anyone used this stuff? It has some unbelievable claims such as lasting 15 years and glossy surfaces don't need sanding. Sounds to good be true.
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    Johnstones Shed & Fence

    Anyone used Johnstones Shed & Fence water-based slap it on wood treatment? Fed up with the short-lived results from similar companies such as Ronseal, Wickes, and even Cuprinol Ducksback - yet still require a similar product. Have just applied the Johnstones, seemed not too thick, meaning the...
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    Dislike button

    Noticed a really stupid, unhelpful comment today which was of absolute no use to anyone, and wasn't even correct or factual in any way. We have the like and thanks button, is there a dislike button anywhere on the forum?
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    Temporary replacement of bell box

    Hi, my very old A1/Omnicron 7000 alarm system needs a new bell box, as everything inside has deterioated badly beyond repair. As a temporary measure, I intend to fit a sound bomb sounder (twin, which I already have) inside the box So there will be no battery or tamper at the bell box now...
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    How to seal around old soil pipe on asbestos corrugated roof

    What is the best way to seal around an old metal soil pipe which passes through a cement-asbestos corrugated roof? It appears cement was once used. Is cement the best way, or is there a suitable sealant which can be applied with a gun? Not looking for any drastic changes to the roof. Just...