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    Boiler pressure drops but no adverse effects.

    Hello, I noticed last week that the pressure on my combi was at zero. I topped it up and left it. This morning I noticed it at zero again, so I topped it up. This afternoon its on zero, which makes me think its been on zero for some time. The strange thing is, the thing seems to...
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    Broag/Remeha digital clock timer has failed after power cut?

    Hello, We had a small power cut today (about a minute). After which the digital timer on the boiler has no display. Ive tried pressing the reset button but it hasnt done anything. The boiler is a Remeha Avanta Plus. The clock is part number S62432 Ive phoned Remeha as the boiler...
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    Ceiling rose - again.. (updated with picture)

    Hi, I know this has been posted before & I read the reference page but cant find the same setup as mine. Im trying to fit a new light fitting to the old style red/black loop. I have 2 black together ,2red & 1 black together , and 1 red along with a bare earth wire coming out of the...
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    Electric boiler/immersion only heats half a tank..

    Hello, I live in a house with no central heating. Our hot water is provided via a copper boiler about 5ft tall and is heated overnight when the electric is on low rate. its on an immersion switch which is alway on. Anyway, about a month ago we stopeed getting hot wate, so I replaced the...