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    Vaillant ecotec 24 clicking

    My Vaillant boiler has been installed and operating well for 26 months. Recently it has started making a short clicking noise. This sounds like approximately 6 metalic taps in 1 to 2 seconds. It only occurs after a hot water tap has been shut off, when the pump overun completes (30 seconds)...
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    Worktop vent

    Hi, I need to fit a vent to the rear of a fitted worktop (worktop already installed). I've not used a router before and do not want to damage the worktop, so any advice would be useful! Thanks Ian
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    Bedroom wardrobe and skirting board

    Hi, I'm fitting some new wardrobes in the bedroom. As I do not want them to stand away from the wall (by the skirting depth) I wondered if there is a replacement 'thin' skirting? Ideally I would remove the old skirting, fit new, then fit new carpet (without grippers in the wardobe area). Is this...
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    Vaillant Ecotec pro 24 high return temperature

    Hi, My new boiler seems to work well but I have noticed that the flow/return values reported by d40 and d41 are only 6 degrees different (76 and 70) after the system has reached operating temperature. However, the whole system has been carefully balanced (15 to 20 deg. across each radiator with...