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    Gainsborough ambassador shower fluctuates in temperture

    Hi there, My mum is complaining her shower keeps on fluctuating between hot and cold when she has a shower. I have read that this could be down to the thermostatic controll valve is this true? The shower is feed by a combi boiler ? Could there be any other problem that could cause this...
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    Ducting extractor hood problem

    Hi there , I fitted an extractor hood when I dine the kitchen and I used it in recirculating mode ,because of where the hood is situated. As you can see from the picture the extractor is turning the wall and ceiling black . Anyway I would like to duct the extractor to the outside,but the...
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    low level shower tray trap question

    hi there, I am in the process of sorting out my mums shower cubical and replacing the tiles for a showerwall paneling system ,anyway i done some research yesterday about shower trays just incase i had to remove the tray ,but i found that the waste trap should be easy to access ,but because my...
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    showerwall paneling

    hi there, I am looking at using showerwall paneling now this is going on a plasterboard walls in a shower cubical that already has tiles on it and i am wondering if i should take the tiles off, this is because i know there has been some water getting...
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    monobloc kitchen sink tap with filter tap dripping

    hi there, I have the as title tap fitted and it drips on the filter tap unless you can turn it a little bit more which my wife has trouble with so i was wondering if there is anything i can do to improve it. i have took the knob off and underneath it there is a one piece nut and washer so do i...
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    replacing tiled internal window cill with window board?

    hi there, I am redoing my kitchen and have taken the tiles off of the window cill and wish to replace them with window board. The problem i am having is that because they were tiled before the plaster on the cill sits high than it would if it had a window board on it so should i take all the...
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    monobloc kitchen tap coming loose

    hi there, I have fitted a monobloc tap with single thread rod and nut it has a horse shoe washer as well. The problem i am having is that the tap keeps on working loose i have done it up tight a few time now but it keeps on working it was loose,the swivel of the tap is quite stiff which i dint...
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    painting kitchen cupboards

    hi there i am revamping my kitchen on a budget at the mo and i was wondering i have just took the laminate off of on draw to see what the wood was like underneath and it was ok but mdf so i was wondering if i painted the mdf with mdf paint would it look good?they do have a routed out mould...
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    just some advice please

    hi there, I have just stripped the tiles off of the walls in my kitchen and have found that a pipe to the boiler has just been left and not plastered over so i was wondering what the steps would be to plaster it properly please have a look at the pic and advise,all help appreciated cheers
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    advice need looking to install a cooker hood

    hi there i am at the mo refurbishing my kitchen and would like to fit a cooker hood (which will be checked out by an electritian) after taking a look at the sockets where i was thinking of taken a fused spur from seems to be a small ring circuit correct me if i am wrong,as you can see from the...
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    railway sleepers

    hi there, I have purchase some sleepers to make some raised beds and for a shed base the question i have should i lay them on a bed of concrete or will the be ok just on soil that has been dug down a bit? thanks
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    shed base again

    hi there, I have a shed that is 8X6 and i am going to be putting it at the bottom of the garden where an old ditch and bushes use to be so obviously the ground isnt well walked on. Now my plan is to dig 2 trenches out and fill with mot and wack down and the use 6 concrete pads and 3 4X4 fence...
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    HELP ....sub floor damage....

    hi there, Today i took up the hall carpet to lay down a laminate floor and found around the stair newel post that the floor was braking up,what i need to know is what to use to repair it? Could i use sharp sand and concrete? As you can see in the second pic that it has been repaired before...
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    patio circle

    hi there, I am about to put a patio circle kit in my garden and was wondering if i need some mot for the sub base. The soil is clay based and is over 10 years old and is near to the house and seem pretty firm. I was also wondering if doing a four to 1 dry mix of sharp and cement is that ok or...
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    HELP<<<removing lino adhesive off of a concrete flo

    hi there, I have just removed the lino in the kitchen to make way to tiles,and it has left a lot of old adhesive behind. Now i have tried boiling water,white spirits and hot air gun to rmove it but with no luck so what can i do next. All help is appreciated thanks
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    workshop base is this any good

    hi there, I was wondering if you could help me,i am thinking of getting a big shed to the size of 10 by 10 and was wondering if this product was any good and has anybody used it before or what else could you suggest i don't really want to do a whole concrete...
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    2 rads warmish

    hi there, I just replaced the pump on my c/h and bleed all the rads through but there are 2 of them down stairs the are only warm and the are on either side of a wall. So why could this be? :lol:
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    undoing pump nuts

    hi there people, I am trying to get the pump off of my c/h system but the valve nuts are siezed on,so i was wondering what is the best way of getting these of? Cheers dazz :cry:
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    just a question

    we have a ideal classic boiler installed in our house which is sited in the kitchen and a tank in the cupboard up stairs. Now the question is?we have a immersion heater isolator switch next to the tank in the cupboard and it is switched off which, it has been for a while, and what i was...
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    shed base

    I have a shed in my garden that has slow subsided in to the ground,the shed is on slabs that were laid on top of sand and cement. What i was wondering if i moved the shed to another place in the garden would it be ok on sleepers the will be rested on top of some breeze block or is this going to...