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  1. studj68

    New decking treatment

    Hi I’ve just finished decking an area in front of my outbuilding has anyone got any advice on what to use to protect it,I was looking to keep it natural colour. Thanks
  2. studj68

    Outbuilding help

    Hi I’m in the process of starting an 7m x 3m outbuilding footings,engineering brick,slab and block up to max 2.5m height flat Firestone membrane roof,Less than 1m to boundary.been told by local planning anything 2.5m height and less then 30sqm is ok but my plan was to go less than 1m to...
  3. studj68

    copper push fit

    Do i need an internal liner for a conex copper 15mm to 10mm reducing tee,cheers
  4. studj68

    radiator valve

    I have a 15 mm trv can i reduce it to take 10 mm pipe or do i need to buy a 10 mm trv
  5. studj68

    fitting new radiator

    Hi all Fitting a new radiator to my extended kitchen pipes are in place and but can't trace them to find out flow and return to connect to main line whats the best way to identify . cheers