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    Triton madrid 2 shower hot and cold problems

    Hello i have had a triton madrid 2 shower installed last week, it has suddenly started to run hot and cold really inconsistent any ideas?
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    Bath mixer tap problems

    Hi there im looking for the best solution to sort out the temperature on a bath mixer tap/ shower. The tap itself when you turn it on to full rate only gets lukewarm at best, now when you feel behind the outlet on the body of the tap its really hot, so i checked the system out they have a combi...
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    Worcester 24cdi hot water problem diaphram diverter valve

    Hi everyone im changing a diaphram on a diverter valve tommorow heard its a bit of a pain job to do, any advice and can it be done in situ with out taking other parts out? thanks
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    Ideal Isar HE 24 not firing up , no heating no hot water

    Hi my dad has an ideal he24 and a few months ago the itimer programmer (lcd display) on the boiler suddenly went blank an showed no display, now the boiler when turned on is just making a humming noise its just will not ignite or fire up, any ideas on the display? and the boiler itself? thanks