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    Orange Jesus

    For a religious person who believes in truth and milk of human kindness, is it abhorant to put the orange blob in a worshiping position? The dollar carried text “in god we trust” Is it now in trump we trust?
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    Mac and network HP laser printer.

    I have even purchased a new Mac but still the Mac regularly shows printer busy and no print message appears on printer dialogue box Should I replace the HP with something else or plug the printer directly into the back of the computer. We have other devices so network printer is preferable...
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    Nuclear Secret Documents Hope the orange blob did not have nuclear secret documents about BG capability at his not so beautiful home in Florida, or showed these to bad people
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    Top Russian oil exec dies peacefully

    By falling out of a window. A few other Russians hav3 died peacefully in similar way
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    Truss for PM?

    Is she up to the job or just wants to be PM but not up to it. Some of the promises she is making are wild Her sticking to the line and not wavering are like a promise made by a three year old 5% vat cut. Cannot see that happening. I think if she did become the PM, all the promises she is...
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    London Airports

    Is there a staffing or pilot issue with flights in and out of London A few weeks ago daughter flew into Heathrow and plane sat on the tarmac for over two hours Last night she was to fly out of City around 7.00 pm, appears flight to Glasgow was cancelled at Heathrow, travellers supposedly...
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    van write-off

    07 plate VW Caddy, 114k on the clock Delivery van opens back door as i went by to damage passenger side and bust the mirror The repairer can do running repairs otherwise they are writing the van off Other party has accepted full responsibility If the van is written off, i will be out of...
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    Heathrow Airport.

    Daughter flew in from Glasgow last night to land at 8.15pm. Eventually, at 10.30 they managed to get the passengers off the plane onto a bus Is it short staff, could not care less or something else. Did not realise things were that dire. Could not organise pi55up in a brewery
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    Planning an extension and second toilet

    Have an architect in the process of making drawing for extension and converting existing kitchen into a utility and a toilet with new kitchen in the extension Am told by the architect the second toilet needs a space of 1200mm in front of the pan and also there needs to be wheelchair access...
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    IG spares

    Making up an order to get seals for 2 yearly replacement Apart from big o ring, any other items should be ordered TIA
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    VW caddy 2007 vintage

    Need to replace dipped beam bulb Any recommendations that will give better light Also need to replace the wipers as on that are on are noisy. Again what do you guys recommend TIA DP
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    Changing trv on a live system

    Older Danfoss trv with female nut/ reducer with 8mm pipe feeding the radiator. Pipe is to be fitted with a 15x8 yorky reducer to ensure long term leak free termination. While radiator side work is no sweat, cannot figure how the pipe connections and alterations, along with removal of old...
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    Heathrow dropoff

    Being charged at £5.00 now. What is going on?
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    DualHeat 12u

    This is a 12 Kw cylinder that is heated by off peak electricity. Cylinder provides mains pressure hot water and heats radiators when heating is required. This cylinder is obsolete as are the parts Does anyone know of a similar cylinder or setup that could replace the 12U
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    The leaves around the new growth and buds are stressed out I saw what looks like black ants on the plant where the leaves are not right. Can you folk with knowhow please suggest what I can do to rectify the issue and restore healthy foliage on the plant TIA Dan
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    Somphy internal camera.

    This is the circular with a privacy shutter Wife thinks people are watching her if the privacy shutter does not close when alarum is off. I have tried rebooting the camera, still nothing. Then all of a sudden it starts to work. Am I missing something
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    There panel folding patio door

    Three panel bifold jumped top track. Some pictures follow. Screws were a mix of two grub screws per leaf of hinge, one Phillips screw and rest needed Allen keys. Screws were quite slack, possibly why the roller jumped the top track. Tried to tap the hinge upwards to allow roller to insert into...
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    Sour dough bread

    Any one making that?
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    Lexus NX tyres

    Need to replace front tyres on wife’s car Car is shod with Yokohama BluEarth E51B tyres. Is it better to go with same or something else. Rear tyres are not getting replaced as yet TIA Dan
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    My printer is playing up; could i get some help please Issue is, (HP cartridges) report showed very low ink level Installed compatible ink cartridges after the chip was moved to the new cartridges Ink level report still shows very low level despite the cartridges being new. Thank you for reading