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  1. kirkgas

    have a drink on me

    some of you might have seen this on another forum, right boys and girls time for me to put a BIG bottle behind the bar so you can fill your boots, it is time to declare that my beautiful daughter is expecting and my first grandchild will be born next May, she had her 12 week scan so its time...
  2. kirkgas

    BBC4 plumbing programme

    theres a very interesting programme on right now about the development of loos throughout the ages in Britain
  3. kirkgas

    tom tom sat nav

    does anyone know if you can dump the GB maps on the tom tom and download algarve map straight onto the device, we have inbuilt sat nav and dont need the GB maps but might as well use the tom tom in portugal thanks
  4. kirkgas

    tom tom sat nav

    does anyone know if you can dump the GB maps on the tom tom and download algarve map straight onto the device, we have inbuilt sat nav and dont need the GB maps but might as well use the tom tom in portugal
  5. kirkgas

    Daughters wedding

    just thought i would share with you all that its only a week till our daughter gets married, and i have to say im getting quite excited about it
  6. kirkgas

    10mm2 shower cable

    is 10mm2 available in 15m coils? ive only seen it on screwfix site at 25m cheers
  7. kirkgas

    new alarm required in Lanarkshire

    anyone interested in fitting an alarm system in my daughters new house, in Coatbridge lanarkshire? PM me if interested in giving me a price cheers
  8. kirkgas

    spark req'd for Lanarkshire

    right boys and girls i need a sparky to refit the kitchen electrics in my daughters new house, in Coatbridge Lanarkshire, the old kitchen is out and the raggles will be sorted by the plasterer, can anyone PM me a contact number as my usual guy is off work at the moment cheers
  9. kirkgas

    kitchen rewire in Lanarkshire

    anyone interested in doing a kitchen rewire in my daughters new house in Coatbridge Lanakshire? just bought her the house and need the kitchen wiring sorted to suit the new kitchen layout, with additional sockets fitted and some relocated to suit the new plan, the kitchen is ripped out and the...
  10. kirkgas

    the tax man sent me a letter

    :P but it told me i was getting £157 back, not a fortune but black numbers are better than red ones
  11. kirkgas

    new kitchen going in, MUST i get an electrical cert

    in scotland, if it matters, im getting a new kitchen fitted, have been given a fitting price by the company now they are saying the price doesnt include the gas and electrical certs i MUST get (£60 each) now i know i dont need to get a gas cert (and i certainly aint paying for one) but need to...
  12. kirkgas

    scart and/or hdmi

    im putting a plasma tv in our new extention, and getting sky+ box fitted, the sky box has a scart connection and the new telly only has one scart point, im also putting in a dvd player which can be connected by hdmi, is it better to connect skybox to tv with the scart and dvd to the tv with hdmi...
  13. kirkgas

    what ramp gradient?

    hi, i need some advice, we are getting an extention built and considering a ramp as access, the missus is a childminder so she will be in and out with buggies and prams, (although she is registered to work from home we have had it confirmed work doent need to be suitable for a premises, deffo...
  14. kirkgas

    non-construction apprentices req'd not sure if posting this is allowed, its not advertising its a company who are looking for 2 apprentices, the company are flying 2 guys out to Portugal to fit a new wrap on my sons car so it could be interesting for someone
  15. kirkgas

    working in portugal

    has anyone any experience of plumbing work in portugal, no:1 son is over there and looking at a bank reclaimed 6 bed villa that has had the first fix done but no second fix, utilities are all in but we are trying to decide whether to finish it ourself or get locals in, remember the prog on the...
  16. kirkgas

    SLK 350 locking wheel nut

    can anyone advice where the locking nut is kept on these, my son has one which his gierlfriend uses but she has got a puncture and he doesnt know where the locking nut is, hes only had the car a few months :shock:
  17. kirkgas

    2nd alarm keypad

    i have a full house alarm, and am getting an extention built onto the back of the house, we intend to use the new patio door as access so need to set the alarm from there as well as the existing front door, is it reasonably easy to retro fit a 2nd kepyad at the back door so that we can use...
  18. kirkgas

    window defrosting

    is there any "device" that can be plugged into cig lighter or hard wired that can come on and start to defrost the inside of the windscreen of the wifes car before i go out to do the outside? its a citroen C8 and in this kind of weather the ice is solid on the inside, cant seem to find a prob...
  19. kirkgas

    4th birthday

    just noticed that i joined the forum on boxing day 2007, must have been bored a bit, the boys were 6 so not sure why i was bored with them running about, maybe it was just a bit of relief for me