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    Installing patio doors in single story garage.

    It’s a hip roof btw. That’s next doors chimney behind.
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    Installing patio doors in single story garage.

    Hi thanks for all the helpful comments. I’m going to re tile the roof and add some roof lights so will replace any rotten or damaged timbers when I do.
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    Installing patio doors in single story garage.

    Apologies it’s 2.4m oh and there is a pilaster in the middle.
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    Installing patio doors in single story garage.

    Happy New Year. I want to turn my garage into a home office and want to install patio doors in one side by creating one big aperture where the widows are now. It’s single skin brick construction. What should I use above the doors to support the roof? Thanks, Jon
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    How to fit pipe 110mm into gulley?

    Apologies for the typos no soil involved and into a soak away
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    How to fit pipe 110mm into gulley?

    Hi Thanks all. Now I am confused. Firstly I am using 110mm because that is the size of the inlet/outlet on the gully. The gully is a back inlet gully but I want to bring the pipe into the side by cutting out one of the blanks as in the picture. There is no soil or foul water enviovex it’s...
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    How to fit pipe 110mm into gulley?

    Hi it’s connected to another gulley that takes rain water from the roof of my garage into a soak away I want to take it through 90 degrees.
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    How to fit pipe 110mm into gulley?

    Hi, I have the below gulley I want to cut out the blank and fir a pipe 110mm pipe into it but how a 110mm pipe fits into the socket but how do I secure/seal it in? Thanks Jon
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    Garage DPC ground level

    Hi, My building inspector says I need to maintain 150mm from ground level to DPC on my newly built garage apart from at the front where the drive is level with DPC in order to be able to drive into it. This will mean having to step down the level at the side and back of the garage (it’s built...
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    Loud vibration from pipe work?

    Hi thanks, sorry I forgot to mention it’s a pressurised system?
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    Loud vibration from pipe work?

    Hi, I have a system boiler and hot water storage cylinder. Recently when hot water is drawn off a loud vibration starts in the airing cupboard that sounds like a horn? Any ideas what is causing this? Thanks in advance. Regards, Jon
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    Plumbed or electric towel radiator

    Hi, I’m installing a towel radiator in a downstairs toilet that is quite cold. Plumbing in a radiator will require quite a long and complex pipe run. I know it depends on output and size but just wondered if an electric element in a towel radiator generally provides similar performance to a...
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    Heavy duty garage floor paint recommendation please.

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a single part heavy duty floor paint for a garage that will withstand vehicle parking please? Thanks. Jon
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    Garage floor paint recommendations

    Hi I need to paint a 36m2 garage floor which has been screened with a wearing levelling compound it’s going to cost about £200 for epoxy paint. Has anybody had success with cheaper floor paint? Regards Jon
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    Garage DPC regulations.

    Hi, On a garage where the entrance threshold is at dpc level do I still need 150mm gap to the ground below DPC on the other sides? Regards. Jon
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    Self levelling compound advice

    Hi, I need to level the floor of a hallway which includes a porch, WC, and understairs cupboard prior to tiling. Should I level everything in one go, or do it in sections? If the latter what’s the best way to section areas off. Any advice greatly appreciated in advance. Regards, Jon
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    Product to level garage floor?

    Hi, Is there a product available to level the concrete floor of my garage and provide a hard wearing surface? Thanks in advance. Regards, Jon