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  1. gigz

    Another One Brewing.

    Play stupid games, end up dead. Or just comply and if innocent then go home to your family. Its a good method.
  2. gigz

    Which ring doorbell ?

    My brother wants a ring doorbell but his front door is is on a public path (straight out of his front door onto the path) so he wouldn’t want it going off every time anyone walks past but would still want it to record as it’ll pick up his car. Also he has an Alexa so instead of buying a chime...
  3. gigz

    Another One Brewing.

    At least that homeowner has somewhere to park their bike. Seriously, if he’d complied he’d still be alive. Can’t understand them (n)
  4. gigz

    What is our government thinking.

    How would you solve it then ?
  5. gigz

    The right wingers moan about equality

    I totally agree there’s no place for any discrimination anywhere but it is being abused by the more unscrupulous among us.
  6. gigz

    The right wingers moan about equality

    Yeah the ones that get abused by sore losers every day now.
  7. gigz

    Three Customer Service (how NOT to treat your loyal customers)

    My Mes had a 3 mobile contract and after a few month the phone broke. She took it into the 3store where they told her they had to send it away for repair. They had no courtesy phones so she was stuck for nearly a month without it. Then they tried to take the monthly fee so my wife stopped it...
  8. gigz

    The right wingers moan about equality

    I remember the days when if you didn’t get the job it was because in their opinion someone was more suited to the job. Now they must be ****tin themselves in case someone cries racism/ageism/genderism (and a million other ism’s that get bandied about these days (n)
  9. gigz

    Chelsea! Chelsea!

    :LOL::LOL::LOL: Truth :LOL::LOL::LOL:. You on drugs sunshine :ROFLMAO:
  10. gigz

    Chelsea! Chelsea!

    What pattern of behaviour do you mean ? Not believing the BBC ?
  11. gigz

    Chelsea! Chelsea!

    You lose all credibility when you use the BBC as a news source :rolleyes:
  12. gigz

    Josh Taylor fight farce

    Anyone watch the boxing last night ? Biggest miscarriage of justice in years. These judges MUST get investigated.
  13. gigz

    Window fans

    Got an elderly uncle who has them in his kitchen and bathroom that are now kaput. Can anyone recommend a decent replacement? All i know is they’re 6” and fitted into double glazed windows. Cheers.
  14. gigz

    Trouser braces

    Anyone use them instead of a belt ? Which ones are best ? Because of my shape (:eek:) to keep me pants up i fasten me belt too tight and end up looking like a figure 8, and starting to get back and stomach pains.
  15. gigz

    BBC funding cut by £2 billion.

    Couldn’t care less what the headlines say, it can only be a good thing to get rid of this unfair tax.
  16. gigz

    any one got a lake

    Plus they’ll already be cooked, win win.
  17. gigz


    I’ve smoked on and off for over 40 yrs. Just started again after 3 yrs on a vape. Can’t explain why apart from no willpower :(
  18. gigz


    Both dead though ;)
  19. gigz

    Well done brexiteers you've won.

    You can’t, thats why there’s so much confusion. I think most people believe what they want to believe, sometimes even when they know it’s probably bullshit.
  20. gigz


    It does have a sports mode but its set to normal.