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    Warm Flat Roof Construction

    I've searched the internet quite a bit and have a few questions about the detail of the roof. I've also looked at Steve Roofer on youtube, which is an excellent resource. So from my research I'm going to make up the deck with 18mm OSB, VCL, 120mm PIR insulation, 9mm OSB, wateproof layer. I'm...
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    Concrete Floor Makeup Detail

    I'm back! Having searched and read the forum the last couple of days, I have a couple of questions with regards the floor for my extension. 1 : The DPM at the corners, do I fold it neatly or can I cut it and tape it in some way to make it nice and neat? Will it matter if its folded up? 2 ...
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    Forming a new inspection chamber

    Following on from my salt glazed pipe thread this one should be interesting. My negotiation with the water company didn't go very well. They are happy with the size of the inspection chamber being 600 x 450 as opposed to the monster specified needlessly on my design drawings. My problem is they...
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    Salt Glazed Sewer Pipes

    I've just excavated around the existing manhole, which is to eventually be moved, in my garden and have found it to be salt glazed socketed pipe work. I have measured the outer diameter of the pipes, which is difficult enough to get accurate, and have measured it to 200mm or so. My question is...
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    Party Wall Notice Served In Error

    I made a mistake in thinking my neighbour owned the adjoining property and got his verbal consent for carrying out excavations for a rear single storey extension. He never mentioned he was a tenant and so I got on with it. After the trenches were opened the owner, a housing association, phoned...