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    No pressure - Worcester Bosch combi boiler

    My combi boiler keeps losing pressure. On sunday it dropped to zero, but prior to that it kept dropping despite topping up to 1 bar with the filling loop, and then when heating was on it went right up to 2.5 or even 3 bar. So on sunday engineer came out and said expansion tank had no air in...
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    Blocking up wall vents in Edwardian house

    Hi, I have an Edwardian terraced house, and in the back bedroom there are two cast iron vents at eye level, in the outside wall. We have put plastic covers over them (the ones that slide open/closed), but there is such a draft coming through. Can we block the vents up with some gap filler, or...
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    Indesit washing machine spin problem

    My indesit machine is about 7 years old now, and recently it has developed a spin problem. It spins, but tries to spin faster but then can't so spins slow, then it tries to spin fast again but can't and so it goes on. So it kind of goes fast/slow/fast/slow it sounds like it is knackered...
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    Indesit washing machine on the blink

    My washing machine as of this morning has decided to fill up as usual, twirl the drum a bit, then just sit there doing nothing. When I move the dial manually to the next stage it carries on then. Is it the heating element do you think? As heating the water is what it does after filling up and...
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    Terracotta tiles

    Hi, We live in an Edwardian terrace and have the original terracotta tiles on the hall floor. How do we bring them up like new again? What is best to use for cleaning them, and what sort of polish do you recommend? The tiles are in a pattern, with browns, cream and blue, so can't really...
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    scary heating noises!

    Hi, I have a Worcester combi boiler of about 4 years old. Since a radiator was removed from the system (new one now put on), the system has made a really loud sort of pounding noise, it seems to be coming from the loft above the bathroom ,but I don't think we have any pipes in the loft! They...