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    Fridge freezer getting too warm

    I bought a secondhand LG GR232SBF fridge freezer recently with a 6 month warranty - the temperature sometimes rises to 7-10 C in the fridge and -15C in the freezer before the cooling system starts up. Is this normal and if not how can it be fixed? Or should I just get it replaced by the...
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    Garden shed sides wet inside

    Just moved in to new house and put tools in garden shed. During heavy rain on Saturday I noticed the inside of the sides were wet all the way up on the exposed sides, as if they were absorbing rain water. I need to store tools and equipment in the shed so it needs to be dry. Any ideas how I...
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    Renovating a stone walled house

    The house is single storey and circa 100 years old with solid stone and lime mortar unplastered walls about 450mm thick. It consists of just two existing external walls (40m2) , a party wall, an extension to be rebuilt at the back and a roof to be renovated (slates removed, timbers repaired...