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    Doorstep Bricks

    Hello all. I need to build myself a doorstep. For the step itself I have some (very heavy) stone slabs. I need to build these slabs up by one course of bricks to reach the correct height. My question; Can I use driveway bricks to do this? I plenty of these already but if they are not...
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    Diverter valve for Vaillant Ecotec 831

    Hello all, It appears that the diverter valve on my 6 year old boiler needs replacing. This is not a job I think I would like to do myself. I have spoken to Vaillant who have advised me that it is no longer under warranty and so offered me a service whereby I pay them £300 and they will send...
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    Restoring picnic tables

    Good morning Chaps / Chapesses. I have recently acquired two very heavy picnic tables and a bench. They have been left outside for many years in all weathers and are looking as you would expect. They are still solid and I would like to try and get them looking better. I would appreciate any...
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    Oak: Wax, oil etc

    Hi Chaps and Chapesses. I have just had some oak window board installed in my new kitchen. I've been reading up on the different types of treatment for oak such as oil, wax, varnish etc but I'm unsure on which direction to go. I appreciate that there is an element of personal taste involved...
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    Saturated bricks and wet plaster

    Hi all, Long story short, I discovered a water pipe leaking during some work I'm doing / having done. The pipe has now been repaired and the wall(s) re-plastered. The plaster however is taking a long time to dry due to the soaking the brick wall must have had. I did try to get as much...
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    Plaster, painting and kitchens.

    Hello All, First off please allow me to apologies for a question I know has been asked on here many times before. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time reading countless threads on this forum and others and have become a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. The...