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    Bulkhead light for conduit

    Hi all, I'm looking for a metal oval bulkhead that has two entry points (or suitable edges) for 20mm metal conduit to be connected from both ends. They will be horizontally mounted in line with horizontal galvanised conduit. The sort of thing you'd get in an industrial unit. I can find...
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    Immersion cut out

    Hi all, I have a standard vented copper hot water cylinder, less than a year old, with one immersion for hot water only, no boiler. The immersion heater has a cut out in the body of the immersion and a separate thermostat. The cut out keeps tripping for no apparent reason. The thermostat...
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    Bathroom zone 2

    Just a quick question.. At which point on a light fitting do you measure its height to the floor? I have a light fitting outside the shower enclosure but within 600mm of it. It is fixed to the ceiling at 2.4m The 3 adjustable spotlights on the light fitting are 2.2m from the floor when...
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    RCD on TT supply

    Hi all, This may be an easy one to answer, but might be hard to explain... I maintain a residential property which relies on three flood water pumps to avoid being flooded when the water table is high. The electrician has fitted an ATS generator. As the building is remote from the main house...
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    Shared rainwater

    I hope this is posted in the right category. I live in an 1890s detached house, next to a similarly aged detached house. Our roof water goes down a gully into a manhole on our neighbour's side of our house. Imagine an alley way between the two houses, that's where it is, although it now forms...
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    Pressure relief valve

    Hi all, I'm looking at fitting an unvented electric water heater in a ground floor cupboard to replace an old immersion tank. Might fit a Hyco Powerflow or an Eldom if they're any good. ? Anyway, as the cupboard is in the centre of the house there is no way to run a discharge pipe other than...
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    Resistor identification

    Hi everyone. I have a resistor I'm struggling to identify. The four bands are either Brown - Black - Brown - Black, or Black - Brown - Black - Brown. I think I'm right that Black can't be a tolerance figure as it is zero. So this would make the resistor 1 ohm with 1% tolerance. Reading it...
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    700mA LED

    Hi everyone, I have a 350mA 18W supply going to a wine cabinet in my house. I also have a couple of 3W 700mA LED fixtures I would like to fit. Would I be able to run them in series on that driver at half brightness or is that not recommended? 1.5W per lamp of light would be fine. Or should I...
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    Zanussi washer dryer fault

    Hi there, just hoping someone has had this specific problem... A friend of mine has a Zanussi Lindo 1000 washer dryer. It stopped working and wouldn't drain. Apparently it displayed code E6h, but I have not been able to replicate this. Anyway, I popped round, drained the water, opened the...
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    Garden pump on PME

    I have a PME system. Is it ok to fit a fused spur to a circuit in the house and run cable to a pond pump in the garden, or do I have to fit a rod?
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    Fitting ethernet adapters across phases

    We have a house on three phases, the main house on phase one and the guest house on phase two. TP Link socket adapters are used to send ethernet from the upstairs router to the ground floor. In order to get a data connection to the guest house we can fit two single sockets in the meter...