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    Wall above stairs bulges

    Hi we seem to have a bulge in the wall above the stairs. Not sure tbh how long it has been there or if I have just not noticed it before. Is this a problem? Is it blown plaster? Appreciate if anyone can help.
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    Small cracks under window

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can advise if the cracks in the mortar are anything to worry about coming from the side of a window on a single extension. It’s on a south facing wall. Thank you
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    Extension built without approval

    Hi, we stupidly bought a house with a large side extension that wasn’t signed off (got an indemnity which now I realise is not worth the paper) and is in such rubbish condition we would never be able to sell it. It’s around 13-15 years old the extension. I no we are idiots so don’t go at me...