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    Best company for flush fit casement double glazing?

    Hi any window specialist. I’m having a 2 floor extension on a 1930’s house with original wooden casements fitted. I’m looking for a wood effect satin finish flush fit white casement, but not sure which company to use? I have seen sash windows on Kings House, a new development on Brighton...
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    Potterton Lynx 2 ' no lights not working' ?

    My Potterton Lynx 2 demand & ignition lights are not coming on & boiler not firing up on either DHW or CH, although when CH is switched on pump is spinning & a relay on the PCB is clicking on but no lights or ignition or fire up. No obvious loose wires & I wiggled PCB wired connections & tapped...
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    Hotpoint Aquarius WF250 Prewash light flashing?

    My Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine WF250... Prewash fine Mainwash fine drains good All 3 solenoids tested, working fine & have water, no blockages in screens. The prewash light flashes when a cycle gets to a rinse, no water at that point either? Hotpoint online say this means no...
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    Ravenheat 820/20 T PCB question?

    I have a plumbing question, any replies gratefully received. I have a Ravenheat 820/20 T. On the PCB is a single dial with an opening for a posidrive screwdriver, it turns both clockwise and anticlockwise. It has printed next to it ADJ. HEAT REG. RISC. What is this for? Even though the...
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    HI, Can any one help with wiring? I have a ravenheat combination boiler with an internal clock. I want to run a wire outside to a new external programmer. there are 5 pins on back of ravenheat clock. 4 black wires to pins 1,2 3 & 5 (4 not used) On the Ravenheat wiring diagram pins 1 and 2...