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  1. J

    Double socket

    Hi i have a double socket but i want a switched fused spur. Is there anyway to have a single socket and a switched fused spur in the same double socket pattress box.
  2. J

    Satellite cable for 30m to 35m run.

    Hi i need to buy a satellite cable for a 30m to 35m run. Not sure if i will have a single cable or twin cable. I have read about WF100 cable but i have seen so many types of cable for sale. Can anyone help please.
  3. J

    Consumer unit in Garden Room.

    Hi want to run power to my garden room and an electrician has said i need a small consumer unit in the garden room which would be fed from a fused spur in my house is this right. It will be running between 4 and 6 13amp sockets and 3 Led light fittings too. A 1.5kw 13amp portable heater will be...
  4. J

    Silicon for upvc cill.

    Hi could anybody tell me what type of silicon i should put on my UPVC cill before fixing the frame to it please.
  5. J

    Upvc French doors and windows.

    No answers needed now.
  6. J

    Circular saw blade.

    Hi i have a circular saw that takes 185mm dia blades with a 20mm bore. I am looking for a new blade i have found the size i need but the pictures show the arrows and teeth going in the opposite direction. So do i just turn the blades over when i fit them to my saw or will that not work.
  7. J

    Kitchen ring main cable size

    Hello i need to run a new kitchen ring main which is on a 32 amp MCB. Is 2.5mm twin and earth cable the correct size as it will be running through wall mounted plastic trunking and not under the floorboards as the existing one is. It will be connected to the consumer unit by a qualified...
  8. J

    LN reverse in Kitchen

    Hi I need to change a socket in my kitchen, when I bought the new socket I also bought a socket tester. In my kitchen I have 3 double sockets 3 fused sockets for the tumble dryer, washing machine and dishwasher and 1 cooker switch and socket. When I checked them the 3 double sockets and the...